promise SIX: Out of MY Comfortzone

Life is not all rainbows and butterflies.  It can be tough sometimes.  And I have paid a heavy price to get this far, so the best option is to really make it count by moving forward from where I am.  Free myself from the world’s negativity – from the sources of ignorance telling me what I can and cannot do – by promising to look ahead, to live ahead, and to get ahead.  In other words, start making positive promises to myself!

I promise myself : ” I will keep stretching myself beyond my previous level of comfort.”

Just because I am struggling doesn’t mean I am failing.  Every great success requires some type of worthy struggle to get there.  Know this!  When I am struggling, that’s when I am growing stronger and smarter.  The more time I spend there, the faster I learn.  It’s better to spend an extremely high quality ten minutes growing, than it is to spend a mediocre hour running in place.  Every day, I want to practice at the point where I am on the edge of my ability, stretching myself over and over again, making mistakes, stumbling, learning from those mistakes and stretching myself even farther.

My Successes:

§Planned action, done: The MAN doc was done, it was fine. It was easier than I thought when I got the overview.
§Support: Junior asked for my support. Yes, I have asked these questions and I knew what I didn’t know.
§Feedback: she gave me her feedback about her request, it was No-Go and she asked for my support. Bring it on beautiful.
§CoE: I realized that people missed me, I got a call about some silly little things and I suggested that they should read SOPs. We all gotta know how it works.
§Feedback: Since I asked a series of question about HIX, he had no clue, then he spoke loud, “felt” offended and my answer again was “I didn’t know”. When I trust me, then I trust what I do.

§CS: he was a promotor, lots of details. I told him about CoE and then he told me that I gotta get an emotional intelligence training <?> Anyway, I was very clear what I said.
§Fun: I hanged out with a BD boy and we had great fun! Thanks hunny.
§Thankful: I was thankful for the simple, great things of my days: cleaner who clean my office. Awesome co-worker who support me. Lovely friend who crack me up. Amazing me who make this all work.
§CoE: I made a very clear border between my privacy and my professional life. When I work, I work and I don’t chit chat much. When I am home, I relax and enjoy my quality time. When I am free, I party and I celebrate life!
§Be me: I didn’t give the fuck what she did, she just wanna provoke certain reactions. Sorry darling I won’t give you drama.

§Clarification of Expectation (CoE): I am responsible for my communication, I am responsible for my action, I am very clear about what I ask. Please don’t blame me when you assume what I mean/say. Please ask & you will get an answer.
§Feedback: I love feedback, I appreciate your remarks (positive or negative). You care for me & I appreciate your care!
§Love: I love my dear Steve, he is my best friend, he is a sweetheart and I appreciate our friendship.
§Love: I love my sweetbaboo, he is the huggy bear, he is my best friend, partner and he is always there for me.
§Love: I love me, I am caring, I am open and I am my “bestest” friend.


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