The Road Ahead

~ Just A Thought ~
It’s a journey… No one is ahead of me or behind me. I am not more “advanced” or less enlightened. I am exactly where I need to be. It’s not a contest. It’s life. We are all teachers and we are all students.
I dedicate this song for you: The Road Ahead

My Successes:

§Joy sharing: I had a great chat with my dear girl, we had a good laugh and fun. Thank you darling x
§Planned action,done: One more PRO (procedure) is done, woo hoo!
§Early blog: I was home late last night, I wrote my early successes in the morning & I loved my smile.
§Love my mistake: Oops! I drank a cup of coffee after a dinner. I was wild awake until 1 am! I was a zombie in the morning.
§Joy: I enjoyed my morning walk, it was wonderful & I loved to see the beautiful color in the sky.

§CoE: I clarified my point of view, I liked clear communication & I hate assumption.
§Support: she complained about we didn’t get enough labels, when I checked again & I found them. She appreciated my support and loved her smile.
§Archived wanted result: we had an appointment in RdGG Delft, great support, clear explanation and I appreciated her support. Mission done.
§New Knowledge: QC is part of my task, I have done some already and I learned something new. I had a good day!
§Something new: She didn’t know what to do in GLIMS. Yes, my thing and she appreciated my support. Woo Hoo!

§Get thing done:I finished my “promise” series, I was happier and I kept my promises.
§Feedback:I have got a feedback from a new friend, I loved it. Thank you darling.
§Relax: it was no sound installation in  Email, Ouch! I still got her screaming irritating voice in my head when she sent me a mail. <breath in> <breath out> I must watch too much Harry Potter movie 😛
§Love: I got 2 minions presents for us, I was a happy girl.
§Care & planned action: I go to bed early for good! I am half-dead


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