I dedicate this song to you: Smile

My Successes:
~ Saturday ~

§Love: we enjoyed our SaturDate, it was lovely.
§Fun: we did our pre-holiday shopping, med, sun-tanned lotion etc. We were ready to go.
§Happiness: I got this Hazelnut thing for lunch, it was great!
§LCC: My new boots didn’t fit, I bought back to the store & got a coupon to shop later! Woo Hoo, thank you so much.
§Love & Care: we went home after shopping, just had our quality time, watched our fav TV program. Awesome 😉

§Love: we went to our family BD party, it was lovely.
§Grateful: I was grateful to have beautiful people in my life. I was grateful to be in their lives. I was grateful to hug my handsome nephews. I was grateful to get their support. I love you all!
§Fun: I had fun with the kids, they were hilarious & made me smile.
§Care: Poor Jim was sick, get well soon.
§Yummy: we had yummy hot pot dinner with my family & their friends. Thank you so much.

~ Sunday ~

§Love: 16 years ago we said “Yes I do” to each other. Today we were home for the first time (usually we were on vacation!) .. almost there 😉
§Planned action, Done: Suitcase is packed, summer clothes gotta come with me.
§Support: I asked for support, my neighbor gotta take care of our house when we are gone. Thank you sweetie.
§Care: Took a nap & chilled out. I felt better than last 2 days! Wooo Hoo.
§Last call: suitcase <checked> summer clothes <checked> home <checked> tickets <checked> I was totally ready.

§International Animal day: Congratz to all animals, happy joy joy and no meat for one day & won’t kill me 😉
§Care & Love: I had a great chat with my dear Q, he opened up for me & I appreciated it. I love you darling.


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