Back in town – Orlando #1

In my holiday I created my successes too.
I woke up at 8 am to communicate with my ICT coworker and my stand by for work was over. Woo Hoo! It was an amazing feeling & I was on holiday.

I sent out one last work mail about DS2, what if the sale came then Ibawo gotta ask some GLIMS/ICT questions for me. Thanks darling.

House <checked> dish washer <checked> Rubbish <checked> Taxi <checked> The last planned actions were done too.

The Hague to the airport and A4 was a headache, traffic jam was the must on Monday morning. My sweet baboo suggested Stompwijk to the taxi driver, beautiful water, village feel of Holland and we created Cooperation. We were all chilled out & chatted chit about holiday.

When I gotta pay with my PIN, the taxi driver nagged about the network didn’t work then I asked him “What worked?”  “nothing” .. <hmmm…> I used my credit card and he sighed too. I gave him a smile & didn’t give a fuck.

It was a busy morning in Schiphol, we have already checked-in online, why in stress? Chill baby baby chill.

This young lady stood in front of us, waved constantly to her granny downstairs (security check was upstairs), I waved to her Oma too, loved her smile & I was the photo bomb. It was funny.

I traveled regularly, I have already known some rules and learned some new. Just keep smiling & the time flies faster when we waited.

Surprise! my bro-in-law called me when we waited for boarding, then he showed up in front of us. How sweet! His flight was delayed & the BA plane was kaput <what a bummer!> We had our WE-fie & had some laugh!

We had 9 hours flight, slept in a little & woke up by those big asses passengers. I was a cranky bitch <breath in> <breath out>

“the computer didn’t work!” the custom officer screamed behind her desk. I was very amused to see how a computer user behaved <I didn’t think of work at all>. Then she left and now what? We may go to other counter <phew>

After the “computer said NO” incident, it went very well and one best thing was that we didn’t need to wait for luggage lottery. We had a hug smile on our faces xD

Sun shine, warm weather and we else did we want? FOOD !! We had a great laugh on our way to our hotel. Yeah! We were back in town.

The biggest success of my day: I had my dump in the hotel, what a relieve! Goodbye mr Hanky.

Traveling can be stressful, different time zone, lack of sleep, cry babies and etc etc. I enjoyed my flight, I enjoyed my lightness, I enjoyed my holiday! Fun started.


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