One Voice

~ Just A Thought~
I’ll know I’ve made the right decision when there is peace in my heart. Stop listening to what the world says I should do.
Start listening to my own heart. There are only a few people in this world who will stay completely true to me, and I should be one of them.
Listen to my own voice, my own soul, too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves and let no one decide that for me.

I dedicate this song to you: One Voice

My Successes:

Visiting Universal Studio was one of our activities in Orlando.  Minions, Harry Potter, Super heroes and you named it. It was an awesome day!

This Shuttle bus was very easy, they took good care of us. At the end of the day we were totally exhausted, they drove us back to safely to the hotel.

Hey! We found the Outback, Yeah! Dinner time.

It was the other magical place, we were like other kids and we had so much fun.

I had fun with those movie cartoon characters, it was too funny with Vector in Despicable me. Scooby Doo was very awesome too! We were like big kids, woo hoo! I meant , who judged? everyone played like kids.

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley was so cool. I enjoyed the new attractions, it was beautiful and we were in London 😉

The knight bus driver was too funny, he told me that “we were in London” … Hahaha … he pulled my leg and we had a great laugh.

My sweet baboo waited for me for almost an hour, I was in 3D roller coaster and very cool.

In a meanwhile he went shopping, he forgot to bring his Visa! Oh myyyy … he waited for me & we shopped together! Nice 😉

We took Hogwarts express in King’s cross station to Hogsmeade station, it was nicely done & impressive.

I have got many compliment from strangers, they liked my Tee shirt & thank you so much.

I loved being an adult, I enjoyed my fun in the theme parks. It wasn’t ONLY the privilege for kids to have fun, the few things I saw was that the kids screamed, they cried and they get shouted by their parents! <Phew!>

About voices, I was too busy to having fun and I didn’t hear my little voice in my head. <just kidding! I mostly didn’t hear voices> Anyway, some people here assumed that WE all speak Spanish (or whatnot!) and I replied my answer in English. I didn’t give a fuck whatever they spoke and I personally thought that it was rude to assume. If you didn’t know, just asked and you will get an answer! Oh it was an incident in the shuttle bus, a loud family stepped in, we saw and heard you guys and we were there too. The bus was almost departed and this skinny kid “needed” his bloody smart phone! He ran & stepped out of the bus, firstly his father screamed in alien language, then his uncle’s turn and it was a reality show in the bus! The bus driver sighed and nagged in their alien language and it stopped. The soap continued, when this kid came back, his family shouted again yada yada yada. In this whole process, I didn’t understand a word of this alien tongue, the only thing I “assumed” was that this kid had his phone & the family was completed. I had my big smile on my face & I enjoyed the soap without subtitle!
Many passengers rolled their eyes, sighed or fell asleep. I was thinking that I should speak my broken dutch in this country and I might be accepted like these aliens.


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