No Matter What

~ Just A Thought ~
If I keep believing in myself and learning the lessons from what seem to be misfortunes, I will recognize what I rightly deserve, what I really need, and what truly matters.
I dedicate this song to you: No Matter What

My Successes:

I woke up at 7 am! <phew, instead of 5 am>, I had a good night sleep.

Planning made perfect, after breakfast we had a walk in the neighborhood and What did we gonna do today? Shopping!

When my sweet baboo told me that he knew his way around and I trusted him. I also realized when Tom Tom didn’t work & he was totally screwed! Why panic and we figured it out together.

We arrived in the shopping mall before the opening time, it was pleasant to shop without overloaded tourists. We went all wild!

We had fun to making WE-fie, pulling faces and enjoyed shopping.

This friendly guy was a sweetheart and very friendly too. My sweet baboo asked for support and he got some Polo Tees for him. Woo Hoo!

It was funny that they spelled my name “Syndi” in Starbucks, it was funny 😉 Thanks for the smile hunny.

While I stood in the queue, this 6 years old kid was totally in love with me when he stared at me for 10 minutes. I spoke to him but he only spoke the language Argentinian! Then I  started to introduce myself, where I was from etc. His dad started to talk about our queen Maxima. It was funny that this boy can’t take his eyes off me. Perhaps he never saw a Chinese woman in real before? He was a sweet heart anyway!

She gave me her compliment, she liked my dress and liked this Spanish phase  “la vida es chula” on my dress. Thank you so much and YES life is cool!

After an exhausting shopping trip <he he he> we had our beauty nap in the afternoon and we were all refreshed!


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