I dedicate this song to you: True

My Successes:
~ The Last Day in Orlando~

  • In this early morning, the cleaner woke us up & she wanted to clean our room <huh!> It was time to have our breakfast <hmmm>. It was something new.
  • We gotta chill out today, after breakfast we had our walk and enjoyed the sun.
  • We went to this funny museum “Ripley’s believe it or not”, I had this creepy experience and it was awesome too. Woo Hoo!
  • We shopped in this mall, no one was around & we were the early birds. I asked this lady in the store and she kindly explained what it was. One of our advantages was that we shopped freely without pushing & elbowing.
  • It was great to chill out & enjoyed our sunny SaturDate.
  • We enjoyed our early Mexican lunch in Chuys, we had our great time, these ladies were very friendly, helpful & funny. She came from New Orleans & her name was Katrina. It was funny.
  • The couples had trouble to use this seat belt for their kid, I suggested that they gotta “flip” the belt from the back (instead of under the chair) and they appreciated my help & it worked too.
  • The room wasn’t clean when we came back, the towels were gone and we had an event now! Oh, why did the cleaning lady wake us up this early? & we still didn’t have a clue. Stay calm & I call reception.
  • I asked for support, this guy helped us out. Thank you so much. We appreciated his support.
  • These early birds got a beauty nap & it was good.
  • Since we were still full, had our evening walk and enjoyed being the tourists around.
  • Two happy tourists got their Gelato in this cool place, I love Ben & Jerry. Oh come to me baby 😉

~ Sunday ~

  • This morning the cleaning lady woke us up again and it was early AGAIN! What was going on?
  • When we checked out, I clarified with the desk about this early wake up call from the cleaning lady. This guy (aka manager) explained to us with a long story <breath in> <breath out> I gave him our feedback and I told him that it didn’t work for us. My sweet baboo suggested the solution & this manager wasn’t amused <huh!> he was in his defence mode and I suggested that no feedback & you guys wouldn’t correct neither and I liked his smile <he looked a little more relax>
  • It was our last day in Orlando, we went to the Orlando eye for our aerial sightseeing. It was beautiful.
  • We were in Sanford on time, just relax and enjoyed our next adventure. Oh we gotta be terminal B and it was good to know.

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