My NOLA Experience

NOLA or LoLa and that’s the question. NOLA is New Orleans Louisiana. We figured it out on the third day in our stay. New Orleans was a grown up party city, noisy, stinky, busy and lots of drunk people with colourful plastic necklaces. Was I wrong? I supposed that I was new here and I was just too old for this shit. It’s my holiday then I sucked it up. (haha)

I enjoyed my sunny, warm humid days (temperature around 30C), I had nothing to complain and the sun found us. We stayed in the French Quarter, the party centre. The first impression of this place was stinky & noisy (music I usually didn’t listen) and everyone screamed lots (perhaps the music was really too loud!) I also realized that no one spoke Spanish to us at all, most of them were middle class/rich American people, how do I know? It’s because they were loud and I can spot them out immediately

We have done lots in the last 4 days, French Quarter /Voodoo/cemetery walk, Mardi Gras world, Steamboat tour, Riverfront walk, sightseeing by streetcars, listening to different style of Jazz music and observing partying animals. I haven’t planned anything before our trip, we just did what we liked and then went for it. One of the remarkable experiences was the funeral of the sheriff chef in town, it was impressive and media & local folks were everywhere. One of the new orleaners told us what it was, we chatted a little and he was very friendly to us.

In another unplanned activity, we have got a surprise gift and that was a free piano jazz concert in the Old US Mint. Next to this great experience, I had a great insight for myself: When I love me, then I enjoy my moment and I am busy with myself. This noisemaker didn’t bother me, I didn’t pay much attention to his noise and I got a huge smile on my face! I wasn’t responsible for other’s action, why should I make fuss about it? When I can’t control the situation and why should I get upset from it.

During our steamboat evening out, we met this group of English tourists, one of the friendly guys used to live in Amstel and we started our conversation in Dutch! We had a great laugh and it was his girlfriend 50’s birthday too. This trip was amazing and of course we enjoyed this Dixieland jazz music.

During the day, I enjoyed and saw more. The sun was brighter, all these party vampires were still in bed and also those senior people seemed relaxer, like us! In this trip I appreciated more what I had. Many people tried to be friendly and talked to us, then they finally asked for money. <huh!> By learning from my mistake, I set up my policy: When they asked us some silly questions, then they gotta pay me 10 USD per answer. After I clarified myself, no one tried any “truck” with us anymore. I understood that some people wanna earn some quick money from dumb tourist (like ourselves) and hey! I paid tourist tax in my stay and I contributed the city too. These scam bags shouldn’t bother us & the city should protect our rights too. It was bad to be homeless, helpless & have nothing, I was a rich person because I had good health, I had my values, I had my sweet baboo with me and I was on my vacation. RELAX!

I enjoyed my lightness during my stay in this party city, I made tons of WE-file with my sweet baboo and we pulled faces as always! Time flew when we had fun, it was almost time to leave and I missed my home.


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