Toxic THREE: Taking Everything personally

My own toxic beliefs and ensuing behaviors had gotten the best of me.  Sometimes the ideas and habits we get comfortable with end up killing us inside.

3.  What everyone does to me is personal. – People are toxic to themselves and others when they believe that everything happening in the world is a direct assault on them, or is in some way all about them.
The truth is that what other people say and do to me is much more about them, than me.  People’s reactions to me are about their perspectives, wounds and life experiences.  Whether people think I am amazing, or believe I am average, again, is often more about them.  I’m not suggesting we should be narcissists and ignore all feedback.  I’m saying that a great deal of hurt, disappointment and sadness in our lives comes from our taking everything personally.  In most cases it’s far more productive and healthy to let go of other people’s good or bad opinion of me, and to operate with my own intuition and wisdom as my guide.

My Successes:

§Love my mistake: I forgot to set my alarm clock, I was late for my SaturDate with my lovable parents. <Oops!>
§CoE: I called my mommy dear that I overslept. I apologized & showed up asap.
§Love: I was happy to meet my parents again! We enjoyed our quality time.
§Happiness is … spend my time with my love & show my love.
§Planned action,done: my sweet baboo got his eyes checked, he will get his glasses soon. I was happy to be there with him.

§Compliment: this charming guy with beautiful eyes helped us (he helped me year ago also & he recognized me too), we appreciated his support, we had a great laugh and I gave him my compliment. I loved happy people.
§Partnership: we worked as a team and an unit. I was pleased to be there & support him. Awesome!
§Cooperation: the TV was hanged there, woo hoo! Top job hunny.
§Support: I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support. Let those negative people nagged whatever they wanted, they perhaps needed it and it was nothing to do with me! Thank you darling.
§Grateful: I was grateful to have wonderful people in my life. I was grateful to be me. I was grateful to have tools of Essence in my toolbox. I was grateful to be here & now. I was grateful to have wonderful, inspiring people in my life. I was grateful to be able to give & accept love.

§Dr Who: when I watched this new episode, I have got an insight. Be happy, Be positive and nagging people can’t stand it. <Wauw!>
§Support: I asked for my sister’s support, I asked for present tip and  thank you so much.
§Love: my dear friend Q sent me his messages, thanks for thinking of me and Love you lots.
§Insight: When I trust me, then I open up & dare to step outside of my comfort zone.
§Free hugs: I met this guy in the city, I gave him my bear hug and I gave him my compliment. Well done darling x


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