You are the sunshine

~ Just A Thought ~
Don’t let anyone ever break my soul. I have to stand on my own two feet and stand up for myself. There are those that would give anything to see me fail, but I must never give them the satisfaction. Hold my head up high, smile and stand my own ground.

My Successes:

§Support: I asked for support, my dear friend was there to support me and he gave me his feedback.
§Grateful: I appreciated his feedback, he was honest & open to me and I was a lucky girl. Thank you so much.
§Insight: I listened to this audio book, I got lots of insights and it was so awesome, wicked and recognizable! “If someone says “you complete me,”RUN! Whoopi Goldberg”
§Insight: I am the person who makes me happy, be true to me! <Bam>
§Love your mistake: I saw this event as a mistake, everyone made mistake (incl me) and he was just PITA. I forgave & I won’t forget lesson.

§Feedback: we screwed this up, I asked for feedback and she got it. 2 Happy girls and she appreciated my support. Happy Sindy!
§Openness: She asked for my support, I opened up for their suggestion & it looked better! Yes, easy peasy!
§Lightness: I got over this shit, he was just energy vampire and I did what I did. Hard feeling? NAH. I felt free though.
§Planned action, done: Yes, it’s done and it took less time than I expected. Next!
§Support: my dear had an event and I was the ear.

§Love: I was grateful to be part of her life, she supported me, loved me, respected me and we had great fun. I appreciated our friendship.
§Love: I asked for F support, he was open en honest with me and I appreciated it lots. Thank you so much!
§Joy: I enjoyed my lunch walk, beautiful color, wonderful weather and I loved it.
§Sharing: I shared my successes, she wasn’t amused about something and I offered my support.
§SIGH: Yeah it was easy to sigh, then what do you want? This reminded me this golden question. It made me smile.

§Fun: I had great fun with my team, they were so awesome and I was happy to be there! Woo Hoo.
§Sharing: she shared her event, I was the ear. We created a new word “AF” <hehe, I knew, she knew>
§Happiness: I continued writing my blog. Good for you & good for me! Is it good for everyone? I don’t know 😉 Doing whatever makes me happy.
§Yoga: Woo hoo!  I loved it and 52, 52, 182 and 26 moves. <Ouch> It was between me & me. I got great insight from the first exercise < I was too fast, then I sat & waited>, then I realized that I should slow down enjoy the moment < I moved, to feel every muscle & enjoyed> On the other hand, being quick wasn’t a bad/good thing, I was just a speedy and that’s me.
§Craziness: Yes, That’s me & I am Bliss 😉


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