You are Lovely

~ Just A Thought ~
When people make me feel unwanted, don’t leave to make them feel sad or guilty, they won’t. Leave because I no longer have a reason to stay. Sometimes I have to be strong for myself. What is meant to be will end up good and what is not – won’t.
Love is worth fighting for, but sometimes I can’t be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for me. If they don’t, I just have to move on and realize what I gave them was more than they were willing to give me.

My Successes:

§Joy: I enjoyed my morning chat with my sweet baboo 😉
§Joy: I enjoyed this lovely sunny day & it made me happy.
§Fun: I had a girl day out with my dear girl, it was our first date. Exciting!
§Joy: I enjoyed this piano music in the station, this little lady was very talented! After the free concert, I gave her my compliment and I loved her smile.
§Cooperation:  I traveled with her in the train, I may get 40% discount. Woo Hoo! Thank you so much.

§New knowledge: I learned how to use this machine to get 40% discount, awesome!
§Joy: I bought us cup of coffee, since I got the discount from my train ticket and cheers girls 😉
§Crea Fun: this crea place was massive, our fun started and I was a happy girl.
§Care: she bought me lunch, thank you so much!
§Cooperation: I asked these 2 guests IF we may share the table “oh yes!” <Smile> it was a busy place & we were lucky to sit somewhere.
§Shopping: I got my crea goodies, she got hers and we have seen many new ideas! Happy girls.

§Sharing: I shared my successes with her, we did almost similar things and it was funny.
§Love my mistake: I simply thought that this appointment will be on Sunday .. BUT .. it was on Friday! <Oops!> I texted the team & apologized, it was MY bad.
§Sharing: I shared my joy with her, she was a happy girl too and this made my day.
§Fun: I had a nice chat chit with this guy, he offered me this free goodies and oh yes! Thank you so much.
§Free: I appreciated  his support, I got the right material and he also gave me this envelops for free. Oh! thank you again for the presents.

§Inspirations: I have got many Xmas inspirations, my crea ideas kicked in <ha ha>
§Grateful: I was grateful to be with her. I was grateful for her friendship. I was grateful for our joy. I was grateful for her love. I was grateful for sharing my joy with a wonderful person. I was grateful to be me. I was grateful for being here & now.
§new knowledge: this kind guy told me about the NS OV card and how it worked. I learned many new things today. Thank you so much.
§Compliment: I gave her  my compliment, I showed my gratitude and I had a lovely day.
§Love: I will have a movie date with my sweet baboo tomorrow. Love you darling ❤


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