You are Bliss

~ Just A Thought ~
Tomorrow is never promised. So today… I want all my friends and family to know how thankful I am that all of you are in my life.
My Successes:
§Planned action,done: I left home early & went to other location. My day started earlier & great.
§Sharing: I chatted with my ICT co-worker & we gotta hang out soon. WooHoo!
§Fun: A little boy waved to the tram when it passed by the station & I waved back. I loved his lovely smile.
§Planned action, done: I gotta fulfilled this action this week, I have got some ideas. YES! Two were on their way!
§Feedback: I have got awesome feedback from them. Top job girls.
§Naughty Fun: I had so much fun to be naughty, it was so “artificial”, “stupid” and “fun” at the same time ! I enjoyed it and also felt “guilty” Game on!
§Out of my comfort zone: this wasn’t my thing, I sucked it up & be a player in this game. Have fun!
§Be me: I was excited to be part of this, I did my very best.
§Feedback: I appreciated their feedback, a person even didn’t know me & she dared to take a risk and gave me her feedback. Her negative feedback was great and Thank you so much.

§Disappointment: I was surprised by her reaction & she stared and didn’t said a word. I didn’t take it too personally and it was you.
§Insight: The worst thing I have ever experienced, when you saw that it was wrong, then you kept your silence and be a nice guy! In my opinion, what an asshole!
my bottom line: When I care & I show it!
§Insight: I dared to speak up & be true to me. In my opinion, I am also an asshole in many people’s eyes. Woo Hoo!
§Fun: I had great chat with my dear friend, he was a funny awesome person & we had fun.
§Love your mistake: Oops! it happened again and fixed & done.


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