I am love

~ Just Saying ~
In order to become the person I am meant to be, living the amazing life I am meant to live, sometimes I have to go through hard times. Sometimes I have to be broken down so that I can learn, grow, let go and re-calibrate. When times are tough, remind myself that what is happening to me is happening for a reason.

My Successes:

~ Thursday ~
§Planned action,done:I made an appointment for my massage, it was fully booked & I stayed home to do my thing.
§Care: I slept in <Yeah!> and I can.
§Support: I was pleased to support you. You were there for me through thick & thin and I will be always there for you.
§Love: I love me. I love him and he was the greatest partner in my life.
§Love: Q was always the ear for me. He supported me, cared for me & loved me. I appreciated our friendship. <Smile>

§Yoga: Yeah! I enjoyed it and missed it for weeks after my holiday.
§Planned action, done: 2 forms are done, waited for the 3rd and my BD weekend hang out was almost arranged.
§Mastering: I was grateful to get tools & tips from the Essence training and the MILE runnner programs. I have learned so much in the processes and I used this everyday.
§Noise: When the noise markers weren’t there, my surrounding was peaceful and great. They didn’t get me anymore and my golden question was “was it relevant?” <smile>
§Just a note for Sindy: When I didn’t know, then I asked. When I didn’t know the answer, then I said “I don’t know” and figured it out. It wasted my time to make up some pretty story to make someone happy! Hell No. Words can be relevant. Truth can be relevant. The most important point in this thought was: True to yourself, tell what I think and take action.  Actions are more relevant than noises and words!


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