Life is a big classroom

~ Just A Thought ~
My problems, my weaknesses, setbacks, regrets and mistakes teach me when I am willing to learn, or they will punish me when I am not.   So let them teach me, every day.  Take everything as a lesson learned.
When I regret some of the decisions I have made in the past, stop being so hard on myself.  At that time, I did my best with the knowledge I had.  At that time, I did My best with the experience I had.  My decisions were made with a younger mind.  When I was to make these decisions with the wisdom I have today, I would choose differently.  So give myself a break.  Time and experience has a wonderful way of helping me grow and learn to make better choices today, for myself and those I care for.

My Successes:

§Let it go: When I can’t control it, then I change my attitude. <Bam>
§Planned action,done: Yup! It was done in no time, I was a happy girl.
§Love your mistake: Oops! I clarified this issue, problems solved and next!
§Love my mistake: Oops! I dislike paper cut & I cut my finger again! Solution: hand cream will help lots!
§Sharing: I shared my feedback with her, I didn’t make fuss about this event/person at all and I appreciated her as the ear! Thank you darling.

§Insight: When I am true to me, then I have nothing to worry about and my day is brighter.
§Bully: I saw this behavior as a sucker, weakling and loser. When I saw this, then I will speak up & report it. A truly strong person don’t need to use any force to prove their strength. I pity them.
§Openness: I shared my event with her, she was very upset about it and didn’t believe that it really happened. Well, Shit happened & that’s life! She warned me to watch out. Thanks for her openness & care for me.
§Fun: I had a great laugh with them, I laughed silly big time.
§CoE: I clarified this issue with him, I knew what I didn’t know and you tell me!

§ZEN: It was a quiet, peaceful day and I was a happy girl.
§Love: Q thought of me, thank you darling & I loved him lots.
§Love: My sweet baboo was the best huggy bear in the world & I was a lucky girl.
§Grateful: I was grateful for her care. I was grateful for her support. I was grateful for his love. I was grateful for his care. I was grateful to be a strong person. I was grateful for my positive attitude. I was grateful for her trust. I was grateful to be me.
§Insight: When I determine to take this action, then I am responsible for my action. Like I always say <Bring it on bitches!>


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