Walk with me

~ Just A Thought ~
Give myself permission to follow the path that makes ME happy.  And realize that some people in my life will refuse to walk beside me as I embark on this journey; they simply won’t approve no matter what I say, and that’s OK.  Sometimes when I commit myself to creating my own happiness, it clashes with the perceptions of others.  Sometimes when I gain something great, I have to let go of something else.  And sometimes this ‘something else’ is a relationship that only wants me to do what they want I to do.

My Successes:

§Love: I was a happy to hear my sweetie darling again, she was awesome as always and I loved her lots.
§CoE: Place & time was unknown for me, I asked for support & no answer! No I gotta choose. <Bummer!>
§Love: I was a happier girl to hear from him again, he sent me his warm greet. Thank you darling.
§Picture of you: This “popped” in my head, <hmm ..> I did this in different approach and <Bam!> It worked for me and I have got the other challenge!
§Keep calm: she is very opinionated, I spoke up about her details, I listened and it was nothing about me. Why should I make fuss about everything? ZEN.

§Joy: I enjoyed our lunch walk, it was stormy and refreshing.
§Joy: I shared my successes with my lunch date, we were on the same page and I was a happy girl.
§ZEN: The other beautiful, peaceful, ZEN day. Oh! someone reminded me that it’s “13th the friday” and bring it on bitches.
§Small successes: Most of the monthly tasks (aka small successes) were done and I was a happier girl. Big or small “successes” are irrelevant, someone gotta do them anyway!
§VIG: VIG = Very Important Girl.  My job is part of my life, I loved it.  These tasks don’t define who I am or what I am. These mistakes don’t say much what kind of person I am/was. It’s just a job! Without my function, will I be empty? Hell no.
Honestly, without my title/function, I am still me! My life will be sucked when I let my tasks/function to define my quality!

§Love: I was great to meet Steve again, he cooked for me & we had a great time. Thank you darling.
§Love: Q  always cracked me up, he was my bestie and I was a lucky girl.
§Love: My sweet baboo was the coolest, bestest and lovable partner.
§Love: My love to me. Life is short to make fuss about every shit thing/person come cross on my path. Live my life now and share this with these beautiful people. My love to you no matter how shitty you are! No one is shitty.
§Bed time: Blogging about work again? Fuck no, i will post this tomorrow morning. Nighty night.


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