Sowing the seeds of love

~ Just A Thought~
Even when times are tough, take a moment to pause and remember who I am.  Take a moment to reflect on the things that have real and lasting meaning in my life.  And then smile about how far I’ve come.  Honestly, nothing in this world is more beautiful and powerful than a smile that has struggled through the tears.  Any fool can be happy when times are easy.  It takes a strong soul with real heart to develop smiles out of situations that make us weep.  No matter how long it takes, it will get better.  Keep going.  Tough situations build strong people in the end.

My Successes:

~ Sunday ~
§CoE: we talked about our day planning, city then other city & here we go!
§Support: I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support & he was the best.
§Love & care: I got a bottle of water for our long trip & good call. My sweet babo had a cold, he just needed it.
§Love: I enjoyed our family time, it was awesome again!
§Love: I have got my birthday present, it was amazing! Thank you so much.

§Fun: we had great fun, good laugh and it was lovely.
§Sharing: I shared my blog event, it was just a “label” in my mind & what did it do to me? Nothing. Suckers sucked and why I made fuss about it.
§Love: we had amazing yummy Italian food for dinner & thank you so much.
§Sharing: in my favorite store Pandora, I shared my baking experience with this lovely lady. She was lactose intolerant & gluten allergic, I told her about the new goodies I got in Eco plaza and I gonna bake some cakes for her.  She was excited & me too.
§Sharing: I shared my cup cakes princess successes, I was a happy cup cake princess. who said that successes are only at work 😛

~ Monday ~
§Planned action, done: Laundry is a must after our busy weekend and it was great to have clean, smelling good clothes!
§New knowledge: Gluten free cake mix and I gotta bake some healthy awesome cup cakes! nom nom nom
§Love: I loved what I love to do, it was fun, relaxing and awesome. That’s what I did on my day off.
§Challenge: Yes I accepted this challenge, I had a day off to experience this new stuff Woo Hoo!
§Love my mistake: I poured the beaten eggs in the butter <Ouch!> well, I will see the results then judge! so annoying what I did.

§Happiness: my first gluten free cup cakes were YUMMY <nom nom nom> and I gotta add some extra to make it yummier! Yes 😉
§Be Good: I realized that be good, be kind and be amazing. It was for me & for others.
§Grateful: I was grateful to be a good me. I was grateful to share my good. I was grateful to share my kindness. I was grateful to have beautiful people in my life. I was grateful to enjoy now. I was grateful for me to grow. I was grateful to be loved. I was grateful to love.
§Planned action,done: I got it and I was too excited! Woo hoo.
§Sharing: I shared my new cup cakes with my new friend, we had a great chat & thank you so much.

§Kundalini Yoga: it was an awesome lesson again and I can mastering the electric field I generated. Woo hoo! I shocked myself less.
§Gift: I got this wonderful present from my Yoga teacher. Thank you so much.
§Awareness: I realized that I got this physical pain during the exercise. I focused to my breathing and I didn’t let this to make me quit. Quitting isn’t in my formule and it worked for me. Then this nagging pain was gone. <Bam>
§Care: I listened to myself, to my body and I didn’t have to hurt me to achieve it. No pain no game <Smile> My mind played trick and yes I recognized this.
§Balance: I rolled silly in this exercise, the aim was to mixing the positive & negative charged parts evenly and It was fun. Balancing was the whole clue.


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