Creating cooperation & harmony

~ Just Saying ~

Create my tribe by helping others achieve their goals. Connect people in my social network who have common interests; give them access to information and resources that they need; and let them know that I am available if they need help.

My Successes:

§CoE: I asked for permission to test this machine, I thanked for their cooperation & support.
§don’t ask don’t tell: I really disliked this attitude and complaining was “the way” of communication. What for?
§Happiness: I read my old successes, they made me smile & I learned form them too.
§Love: R was an awesome friend, I have got a present insight. Thanks for sharing,darling.
§CoE: I clarified this issue, then I gotta communicate with my domestic helper and the house gonna be clean soon. Woo Hoo!

§Sharing: I enjoyed our conversation during the tea break, paying tax, paying mortgages, paying everything and I have got some insight out of it.
§Support: she asked for my support, my role was actually “nothing” and my mental support was enough there.
§Support: he asked for my support, this task was very simple <Bam> it looked good, worked for us and Two smiley people.
§Challenge: I accepted this challenge, it looked good for me, I showed off these results and he was happy too.
§Joy: This must be done in certain way, it was too bad that it didn’t fit for everything and I did my best & accept what I created.

§Support: She asked for my support, it was also easy peasy and we were happy people.
§Happiness: the first step was challenging, then it was easier & I was grateful to figure it out.
§Happiness: I appreciated her friendship, her kindness and her care.
§Happiness: My positive mindset allows me to accept negativity & to handle it. I simply ignore the noise when it comes to close.
§Happiness: preparing my Sindy beef stew for tomorrow, I loved the smell in our house and we loved homey food.


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