Impressing Myself

~ Just A Thought ~
Stop from time to time and ask myself, “Is it true?” It’s funny how I can sometimes wrap my mind around things and fit them into my version of reality. But thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real. So watch my thoughts. Be wise. When my identity is not rooted in the truth, it can lead to toxic and lonely places where I seek approval from the wrong things.

My Successes:

§Planned action,done: a list of “To do” things on this Saturday, Off we go.
§Support: I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support, we had  a sightseeing route in this village. <Smile>
§Event: <dammit!> my name again, this angry bird told me that my name wasn’t on my ID card (my address wasn’t on my ID card neither!). She nagged & said things and I kept my cool. After she raised her voice & I replied “Yes, it was fine whatever I would call postNL & followed your procedure. By the way I didn’t like your voice & attitude”. She changed her policy, told me that she did “normally” & hey! Lady, don’t scream to my face when you didn’t trust me. After this drama, she gave me MY parcel. WHAT? I lost my cool to raise my voice & now she just gave it to me. Thank you very much not following your procedure!
§CoE: after this event, I simply complained to postNL and hey! she did her job poor and I deserved some service, sucker!
§Insight: In this whole event, I kept my cool at the first place and I allowed nitpicky details. When it was too far, I will speak loud & clear what I had in mind. I didn’t allow anyone to step on my face for no reason.

§Fun: we threw this plastic trash, it was fun to do <Bam!> to release some of my angry after this lovely tart.
§Insight: When it’s the rules/protocols, just do it. That is the agreement for your profession. I get pissed off because you broke the SOP for me.
§Love: We had a great Saturdate with my parents.
§Love: My dad was too excited about this Papaya idea. I wasn’t a fan of Papaya and I just accepted one for now. He was happy & I was happy.
§New knowledge: I tried something new 😉 Papaya & lemon juice was yummy.

§Support: we went to the supermarket XL, we have got what we wanted & self-scanning was cool! Woo hoo, it worked for me.
§Yummy: fruit salad was our main food today, I loved it.
§That’s me: I didn’t get angry like a firecracker anymore, why? I listened more, I got it and I didn’t make fuss about many things. I was glad that I didn’t let things or people to get me.  (p.s. when I wanna really kill it, I will do it quick & painless! Beware.)
§Power: In my opinion, many people think that they are in their “high power”, for example: they can do things I can’t, they determine what I will get, they proceed certain process that I can’t. I was glad for YOUR responsibility and it’s your damned job! Is it your power?
§What is my power? My power is my positivity. My power is trust. My power is love. My power is my energy. My power is me. My power is to open up for new things/people. My power is in me not my clothes, not my job, not my wallets!


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