Let go acting standoffish and unapproachable

~ Just Saying ~
We all need to learn to be more human. Keep eye contact. Stay away from gadgets. Smile often. Ask about people’s stories. Listen.

My Successes:

§Insight: When I love me, I am in the right place and everything happens at the right time, then I become calm & confidence.
§Joy: I woke up this morning, the Xmas light was on & I had a happy bright morning (still dark outside)
§Idea: This idea is popped in my head <Bing>, I gotta test it & my brain woke up early today.
§Fun: I was nominated for this challenge, bring it on people. I gotta make some kick ass natural photos for the next 5 days.
§Sharing: I shared my event with her, she was my ear and thank you dear.
§Feedback: I gave her my feedback, she apologized for her mistake and it was OK.

§Insight: My negative thoughts can be my biggest enemies, then I picked myself up <breath in> <breath out> I went for it.
§Love your mistake: Oops! I didn’t know what happened, this happened whole day <Sigh>. I fixed it, reported it & moved on.
§Love: I invested my time & love for my plant, it grew bigger & greener. I am a happy girl & I gotta get a bigger plant container!
§Insight: When I invest in myself and others, then I don’t care what I will get for return and the great results motivate me more.
§Plan B: Oops! my idea didn’t work <Sigh> now I checked some of the document and I gotta do something about it. Giving up is not in my dictionary.
§Care: She was unwell, I stayed with her & waited for extra help. She scared me a little. <phew!>

§Joy: I enjoyed my lunch walk, I had a great time with her & I appreciated our quality time.
§Biased: I used to dislike the type slow, softy people. Later on, I made some new friends and I appreciated them & leraned more from them. My biased was in the way, it wasn’t the real me! Stupid me to miss something beautiful.
§Sharing: I shared my Xmas cards with my dear friends & co-workers.
§Compliment: I have got great feedback from them, thank you so much.
§CoE: my sweet baboo texted me about his plan this evening, thank you darling.
§Fridate: I will have a date with my sweet baboo, I am loved! ❤


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