Be Normal

~ Just Saying~
The only normal people I know are the ones I don’t know very well. Period.

My Successes:

§Quality time: we had our quality time in the city, it was too late after our power nap and we enjoyed OUR time.
§Love: I was loved, we were happy & we had a good time.
§Happiness: I gave him my compliment, I had a good time & he had a great time too.
§Love: he took a picture for me and the title was “Santa brought me a precious gift.” aaawwww thank you darling ❤
§Joy: I was happy and he was part of it.
§Insight: When I love me and I quit to be always right, then I realize modesty works for me.

§Insight: When I love me, I refuse to go on living the past and worry about the future, then I live for MY moment, day by day and being happy.
§Love our mistake: We took the same wrong route twice <damned tom tom! LOL> and we had a good laugh about it. Hey! it was shit & we deal with it.
§Fun: We laughed at our mistakes TWICE. it wasn’t the end of the world, we saw new things & it was fun.
§Event: We got free drinks from the hotel, BUT .. the bar was closed for a private party! <darnit> did we get an invitation? <ouch!>
§Free drink: we sat at the corner & enjoyed our drink. It was great!
§New knowledge: I started my photo journal, it was fun & selfie time <hahaha>

§Feedback: I gave them my feedback. I appreciated their care, their service and their free drink offer .. BUT .. I didn’t see any sign for that private party & we experienced this awkward moment in a private party. The guests smoked indoor & it was stinky,man . She appreciated my feedback & I like smiley people. Thanks!
§Fun: We had more fun in the city, we explored more unknown & it was pretty.
§Real German: we decided to have a real German lunch, woo hoo! We found it.
§Home sweet home: we were safe home, thank you darling.
§Day off: I had my luxury & I had a day off.
§Sharing: My mommy dear asked for my support, I shared my fun with her

§Inspiration: They loved our funny weekend photos & they wanna do that too.
§Kundalini Yoga: It was the last lesson of this year, it was awesome as always.
§Sharing: I shared my xmas card & greeting with her. Thank you so much.
§Sharing: I shared my colorful yoga experience with the girls. Woo Hoo!
§Love: My mommy dear asked us out for dinner, yummy!
§Love: My sweet baboo reserved the ticket for our weekend! awesome.

§Care: My dear Steve shared his event with me, WHAT! I worried about him a little.
§Gratitude: I appreciated his feedback, it was all cool & thank you darling.
§Openness: I appreciated his trust, his openness and i was grateful to have friend like him.
§Love: I love you ❤


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