Let go of life’s little annoyances

~ Just Saying ~
Don’t let dumb little things break my happiness. Frustration and stress come from the way I react, not the way things are. Adjust my attitude, and the frustration and stress is gone.

My Successes:

§Sharing: I shared my weekend happiness with my dear girl, we had a good laugh & I liked our smile.
§CoE: I clarified this issue, it was clear for me & thanks for your support.
§Belated BD greeting: I sent my belated BD greet to my dear friend, he loved it.
§Love your mistake: I had something to choose, 02 or 09? and what was the differences? I asked for support. Oops! She appreciated my call.
§Feedback: I reported this, she offered me her support & thanks so much.
§Insight: When I love me, I no longer need to fear arguments, confrontation with myself & others, then I see it as “that’s my life!” and accept it.

§Support: I asked for support, she was awesome & explained the PROs & CONs to me. Thanks for your support, darling.
§Self-Trust: I was a doubt about this, <fuck sake> “Am I gonna waste time for this?” I trust my guy feeling & I went for it.
§CoE: I clarified this event with her, it was arranged & I appreciated her support.
§Compliment: I gave her my compliment, I appreciated her action & I liked our smile.
§Plan B: this new setting worked for me, more tests ! <Woo Hoo>
§Love my mistake: I doubted myself for nothing. SLCTA … I realized that “action” was more effective than “thought/noise” <Bam>

§Love: I got her feedback, she loved my Xmas card & thanks hunny!
§Insight: When I let fear to rule my world, I could limit me big time. When I let love to rule my world, I could open up & give love.
§Fear: I was afraid to be a loser. I was afraid to disappoint me & others. I was afraid to lose me <image thing>. My bottomline is: I faced my fear, I kicked its ass & I trusted me.
§Happiness: I did it, “giving up” wasn’t in my dictionary, I looked for different solutions and I almost got it! <Woo Hoo>
§I got it: he definitely knew that I hated it! <pfff … he still did it> When I don’t look at it, then I don’t know it. <Ha! yellow train>
§Care: I had a long day, lots of thinking & doing and now Feet up! <woo hoo>


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