Good thing happens

~ Just Saying ~
Being a badass means standing up for myself. Being sensitive means knowing when I have to stand up for myself. When I am complaining, it’s not because I am annoying. It’s because the world is too full of idiots.

My Successes:

§Early bird: I planned to go to work earlier to pick up my standby phone, Yes! It was quiet & I liked it lots.
§LCC: I appreciated their support & cooperation. Thanks wonderful people.
§Surprise: I met my co-worker, he did well & I was happy to see him again!
§Care: He greeted me & he appreciated my xmas card. I told him that I thought of him.
§Sharing: he shared his event with me, I was the ear & I shared my care, my successes & thank you so much!
§Happiness: His beautiful smile brights up my day, the sun shines in my mind!

§my plant: this little fellow made me happy, I have got a new green shoot in my office! well done, little fellow & my love!
§Focus: I had a crazy day, I stayed focus & it worked for me.
§Planning made perfect: I wrote down my “ToDo list”, all prio one & I worked on them.
§LCC: after this issue, she asked for support & off we go! <Bam> thanks for your feedback.
§Solution: I had solutions in every problem/incident and it was up to you to choose which solution you wanted.
§Sharing: I shared my Gong awesome experience with my dear girl, I was a happy girl.

§Hey you: He was there again, We had our great chat chit and thank you to be there today!
§Love & Care: my mom & daddy dear gotta make an awesome xmas dinner for us, Thanks for taking good care of us ❤
§Love & Care: I gotta prepare dessert for the xmas dinner, woo hoo! I care for my love ones & I love to cook.
§Love your mistake: Oops! I was shock a little & how come was it? <Bam> I didn’t like this dot/punt thing. I figured this out & I reported it.
§Love: I cooked our homey food <woo hoo> all gone & nom nom nom!
§LCC: my massage was finally arranged, deal! oh yeah oh yeah.


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