My Old knowledge works

~ Just Saying ~
Get the motivation from people I don’t know. Don’t limit myself to just the motivation I can get from the people closest me. There is a ton of motivating books, podcasts, blogs and success stories out there that I can tap into to up or renew my motivation.

My Successes:

§Care: I greeted the birthday girl, she liked the deco & I liked her smile.
§CoE: I clarified this issue & they watched for me <huh!> . I didn’t assume any unknown at all & just asked.
§Get thing done: I went for it, tested and more tested. <Bam> It worked.
§Intention: I set  a deadline for me, before noon, I went for it.
§Support: I asked for support, I appreciated her cooperation, support & partnership and thanks girl.
§Focus: my focus was sky high, I didn’t let this noise to distract me & it worked for me.

§Love your mistake:  Ooops!  it happened again and I got a call. <hmmm…> I finished what I started, I corrected this later.
§Noise: I didn’t make fuss about this noise, it was irrelevant here and this noise had nothing to do with me or this case. Let it go!
§Insight: When I am focused, then nothing was in my way and I enjoyed my process.
§Sharing: she shared her event with me, I was the ear and it was my pleasure to listen. Thanks for your trust!
§Support: I offered my support, I was closer to the lab & I was closer to my co-workers. I liked it.
§Fun: I had a good laugh with her, we were silly billies and 2 happy girls.

§Joy: I enjoyed my silence. I enjoyed the positive energy. I enjoyed my moment.
§CoE: I clarified this with him, it was clear & this made me happy. Thanks for your feedback.
§Motivation: I watched this inspiring video on Facebook, a simple & beautiful action caused a huge impact on others. <Aha!>
§Plan B: Plan A worked, then I gotta be adjust it again and bring it on,baby!
§Old “New” knowledge: I didn’t do this for long time, I started this again in administration. <Aha!> yes I can.
§Quality time: Xmas Eve, just the 2 of us, feet up & relax. I am loved.

My motivation today: My focus. My trust. My communication. My energy.


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