All I want for Xmas is YOU

~ Just Saying ~
Be kind to myself when I stumble. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of beating myself when I stumble or fail. But that don’t work that well in my experience. I just feel worse and less motivated. So try this the next time: be kind to myself, nudge myself back on the path I was on and take one small step forward.

My Successes:

§Early bird: I started my day early & prepared the goodies for our Xmas dinner.
§Joy: It was joyful and satisfying to stand in my kitchen & did what I like.
§Sharing: they shared their wonderful recipe with me, using honey instead of sugar! I appreciated their support!
§Dare: I adjusted the recipe, I just trusted my gut and took a risk <Bam>
§Gratitude: I was grateful for my sweet baboo’s support. I was grateful for my dare. I was grateful for his love. I was grateful for being me.
§Happiness: I had a great time with my lovely family & it was great.

§Support: I was more than happy to support the kitchen Queen & King, they were the best.
§Noise: Noises, noises and noises. So be it and when I didn’t react with the noise & I didn’t hear echo.
§Questions of the day: Why did she ask this question again? Was my memory just perfect and I heard this shit before? I felt boring to hear the same thing again and again. I had a theory: Who asked the same questions repeatedly? Kids. They just want my attention.  Why does she want my attention?
My Bottom line: When I care for you, then I will ask a simple question “how are you?” When I don’t care for you, then I won’t waste my time to beg for your love.
§Fun: Majong, oh boy we had so much fun & I was the Sate girl <wahahaha> a new slang I just learned.
§Love: I was loved and I was surrounded by my family! Thank you so much.
§Joy: I had great fun with my baby sister & the handsome’s . We had a good laugh.

§Home improvement: we were brave enough to enter the hell hole on the boxing day. It was busy , We got what we wanted and we had some fun there.
§Take it easy: it was a crazy place, kids screamed for no reasons and just relax!
§Gratitude: I appreciated his support, the service was excellent and thank you so much.
§Joy: we had our Saturdate and it was fun.
§Love: My Crea closet was done, thank you so much and it looked neat!
§Quality time: feet up, no hurry, with some good movies and some yummy food.

My Motivation today: My joy. My passion. My love. My care. My Sindy al la apple pastry was smashing!


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