Learn from my setback

~ Just Saying ~
Be constructive about my mistakes. To make my setbacks more valuable and less hurtful be constructive about them. When I stumble ask myself: what is 1 thing I can learn from my setback? Then keep that lesson in mind and take action on it to improve what I do.

My Successes:

§CoE: My Schedule 2016 is set, Woo Hoo! Thank you so much.
§Love your mistake: Ooops! was it this shitty? It can be better, I moved on.
§Sharing: I shared my happiness with my girls, I liked our smiles.
§Gratitude: I thanked for their “golden tips”, my apple pastry was a succes and it was healthier too.
§CoE: I asked for support, the location was still unknown and <hmmm …> I called them for clarification.
§Joy: I enjoyed our lunch walk, I shared my successes & she shared hers. Thanks for your sharing sweetie.

§Insight: When I love mistake, then I allow me to learn, to grow and to love me.
What is 1 thing I can learn from my setback? I am a human being. In my mind 5 words run around all the time ~ Stop ~ Look ~ Correct ~ Take Action. I can’t turn back time, I can’t change the fact, I can’t change your opinion and I can change my attitude & face it.
§It was OK not to be OK. When shit happened, then so be it. It was absolutely never OK to point the fingers to something/someone else. <Sigh>
§Successes: Making mistakes <> failure. I make mistake <> I am a loser. Taking action =I do. I love my mistake = I grow.
§Upset: I was a little upset when I read this shit remark. “Am I a liar?”  When I let their shit to get me, then I silently told them that their shit was right. <hmmm …> I determined to give them my feedback, their conclusion was just ridiculous.
§The Best: My sweet baboo’s bear hug was one of the best things of my day. Thank you darling.
§Insight:  Stand up, Show up and Speak up! <Bam>

My Motivation today: My positivity. My heart. My love. My determination.


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