Awesome exciting Monday

~ Just Saying ~
Take 2 minutes to look back at my successes. Close my eyes and let the memories of my biggest successes – no matter in what part of my life – wash over me. Let those most positive memories boost my motivation.

My Successes:

§Insights:I don’t have to be what other people want me to be.
§Insights:I don’t have to tone myself down, quiet my voice, or hide my feelings.
§Insights:I don’t have to be thin or beautiful or anyone’s definition of attractive.
§Insights:I don’t have to be anyone other than who I authentically am.
§Insights:I determine my happiness, I make room for me.

§Love my mistake: Ooosp! It was my bad again, just my wrong thinking, I appreciated her feedback & I apologized.
§Sharing: she shared her event with me, I was the ear & thank you so much!
§Smile: Thanks for your warm text, you made me smile big time, sweetie.
§Empathy: I really felt sorry for you, well … life is life!
§Support: He asked for my support, it was my pleasure to help out.

§Sharing: My dear girl posted a beautiful insight, I shared this beauty with you all! I love you sweetie.
§Planned action,done: I left my office early and to make sure that I was in AMS Zuid on time, it was unknown to me. <I was an hour earlier there>
§Love: I loved to see the beautiful faces & thanks for your hugs.
§Excitement: I was excited to be in the training Outfit <click links to read more> . Woo Hoo!
§Fun: I met 10 amazing traninees, hello sweeties 😉 Thanks for sharing & your care for me.

§Gratitude: My sweet baboo was there with me, I appreciated his determination & care. I was there & made this work <Woo Hoo!>
§Joy: I had an awesome lunch date, my dear girl walked with me during my lunch break. Thanks darling.
§Opinion/Facts: I made my opinions way more important than the fact, my laziness & junk food habit “ran” in my head.

My Outfit Successes:

§Archived wanted result: I decided to follow this training,Yes I did.
§Planned actions, done: I was there on time, had time to enjoy some hugs & a cup of tea <No hurry No worry>
§New knowledge: huh? No bread. Why? As we learned bread is healthy … I realized fermentation, the by products in the bread and the ingredient in the “processed” BREAD. Sugar baby !!
§Energy: I had only 4 hours sleep after  day 1 training, I was fully awake & finished my successes.
§Insight: When I love me, then I free myself from my own prison. Why should I make fuss about this stupid noise? Hello by Lionel Richie gave me different perspective & insight.

§Love: my sweet baboo was my buddy, Woo Hoo! Thanks for being there for me.
§Excitement: I adjusted my routine, I scheduled my exercises before my work.
§Hungry: I was hungry when I woke up, Woo hoo! A cup of coffee & an egg for the start.


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