The First Page

~ Just A Thought ~
I learned that things don’t always turn out the way I planned, or the way I think they should. And I’ve learned that there are things that go wrong that don’t always get fixed or get put back together the way they were before. I’ve learned that some broken things stay broken, and I’ve learned that I can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as I have people who love me.

My Successes:

*Care: I was a little emotional this morning after I read her message, I sent her my biggest Sindy bear hug. I think of you!
*Sharing: I shared my exciting adventure with my dear girl. I didn’t let her opinion to overrule the facts … I said thank you!
*Planned action, done: I arranged the goodies for her, I had an awesome chat with the flower lady, thank you so much!
*Joy: I enjoyed my lunch walk, I shared my successes and it was great.
*Insight: When I water my dreams with love, optimism and solutions, then I will cultivate success.
*Grateful: I shared my goal to my lunch date, she was thrilled and she was happy for me.

*Care: I cared for her, she cared for me and thank you darling.
*Love Care Cooperation: I appreciated his support, he was the greatest & thanks for making me a happy girl.
*Clarification of Expectation: I suggested to go with one of the key users, we are users on different levels & thanks for your support too.
*Care: I was totally kaput, flu was on my way and I took a short power nap when I was home.
*Noise: I ignored this noise, thanks for my music. It sounded much better.
*Compliment: Thanks for your compliment, I appreciated it. <bigger smile>

My Outfit successes:

§New knowledge: I enjoyed my exercise BBP (Belly Back Plank),  yeah! I felt fit & I was ready for my day.
§Insight: When I trust me, then I go for it. I am on fire Woo hoo!
§Spontaneity: I asked for permission and I gotta write my successes in English. We exchanged our cell phone number too! We had a Whatsapp group “Awesome Outfit Couples” 😉 Thanks!
§Archived wanted results: I did it. BBP <checked> I ate when I was hungry <checked> I asked myself these questions <checked> I was happy <checked>
§Privilege: It was my privilege to be in this awesome group, thank you beautiful people!

§My Kroket diet without bread was going strong, I enjoyed my lunch.
§New Knowledge: When I asked myself these 2 questions while eating  “Am I hungry” or “Am I cramming”, I actually didn’t wanna eat when I wasn’t hungry.
§New Habit: I didn’t feel moody after this adjustment, my productivity was sky high.
§Buddy: I shared my successes with my buddy 😉
§Love Care Cooperation: I did our grocery shopping together all the time, we made the shopping list together <I usually wrote down what we needed!>

My love for: me, my sweet baboo, the mommy-will-be.


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