Smile & Laugh more

~ Just A Thought ~
Even if it may feel silly and if I have to force it a bit. Slow down my body, move and walk slowly. Slow it all down and pay attention to what I am doing. Be here now and focus on doing just one thing at a time. By slowing down, by being here now, by not having my focus split between many things me – MY body and MY mind – start to relax.

My Successes:

§CoE: I clarified my points, I have asked questions about this issue and it was clear to me.
§Compliment: She gave me her compliment, it was my pleasure and thank you so much! It was from us 😉
§Happiness: When I had enough rest, I am the sunshine in the house. I kicked the flu’s ass! <Bam>
§Love: I appreciated his feedback & his sharing and he said <Wauw> when I shared mine. My sweet baboo was the greatest & he did an awesome job.
§Love:  I thought of my sweet baboo, I just called him in his office <normally I won’t do it> and said hi.

§Planned action,done: two down, 1 to go <woo hoo>! I was a happy girl.
§Fun: this funny bear made me laugh & we had great fun! xD
§PA: I signed in for PA MILE one, woo hoo!tonight CED 1.
§Support: I offered my support, I liked their smiles.
§CoE: I clarified this issue, I agreed with her and I spoke up my points.

§CoE: I talked to my sweet baboo about my PA schedule in the weekend, all set and I appreciated his support, care & love 😉
§Planned action,done: I was in Essence on time, walked extra & it was great.
§Joy: I was happy to be in Essence house again! I was grateful & happy.
§Love: Love hugging these beautiful people, thank you so much! I invested my love to the traniness & myself.
§Fun: I danced, had lots of fun, I loved your beautiful smiles & you made me day.

My Outfit Successes:

§New knowledge: I didn’t feel like having my breakfast <myth: I have to eat my breakfast in the morning!> I only had my coffee & I was fine.
§Message to me: Slowed down, enjoyed my moment and my smile was bigger!
§Awareness: When my body gives me a signal that “I am hungry”, then I follow its instruction & eat when I need.
§Joy: I see Outfit as a challenge, I dislike it at the beginning and hey! I was satisfied. I was happy. I felt good and I didn’t fill myself up like a stuffed turkey! <Woo Hoo>
§Sharing: I called my buddy when I was at work, he shared at least 5 successes with me <Good job> and he was a happy boy & he made me happy too. Thanks darling 😉

§New knowledge: I got potato salad for my lunch, it was new for me & yummy.
§New successes: “small portions” meal worked for me, I felt great whole day and I had 2 major hungry feeling today. I was very focus, happy & ZEN.
§Successes: I loved to read the successes of our awesome group, very inspiring! You guys were great! I loved to shared mine too.
§New routine: I had only 1 cup of coffee in the morning, I cut my caffeine during the day  & I drank > 2 liters water!
§Sushi as dinner, it was yummy & I enjoyed it!


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