Appreciate the little things

~ Just A Thought ~
Daily happiness is to a large part about appreciating the small things. If I allow myself to be happy when accomplishing a big goal or when everything lines up just perfectly then I am making life harder than it needs to be. Instead, focus on appreciating things that I may take for granted.

My Successes:

§Joy: PA weekend, WDYW I. I woke up early, started my new routine and I am too excited to be there again.
§Support: I appreciated his support, he drove us to the station & he gonna pick us up on Sunday too. Thank you awesome!
§Love your mistake: it was our miscommunication, Oops! I appreciated his support & care. We set our appointment for tomorrow. It worked for us.
§Love: I invested my love for the trainees & to me.
§Process assisting: WDYW was an awesome process, I was out of my comfort zone & provided my service to the trainee. It was my privilege!

§Vulnerability: I cried like baby and it was OK. It was OK to show my soft side.
§Love: It was awesome to hug these beautiful friends in Essence. Thank you so much.
§Support: I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support, he picked me up & we headed to the kid’s birthday party. Thanks darling.
§Support: I waited for my sweet baboo, in a meanwhile I helped out the team & cleaned up the dirty glasses. The team leader gave me his compliment.
§Fun: we were too early, then we went to the mall and hanged out.

§Gratitude: It was my privilege to be in the process/team. I was grateful to be chosen by you as a friend. Thank you so much.
§Care: my sore throat killed me & headache came up. I took a cup of hot cold rex & went to bed early.
§Love: I hugged my lovable nephews, those boys made me smile. <myth: it wasn’t cool to be kissed/hugged by their auntie!>
§Gratitude: I thanked my family for their love, yummy food and care.
§Support: I supported my sister, I liked washing dishes & played with water at the same time! I, an adult, liked to play with bubbles & water too 🙂

My Outfit Successes:

§Attitude: Seriously I didn’t feel like my BBP this morning. Hey! I committed to me and I did it. <Woo hoo>
§Insight: When I focus on my dislike, then I made myself misery. When I focus on my commitment, then I do things with more joy.
§Planned action, done: It will be a long day in AMS, I packed some cherry tomatoes, water with me! Take good care of me is my first priority.
§Support: He ate way too fast and fell back to his “old habit”, as a buddy I told him to slow down & I clarified that it’s my task to support my buddy. He appreciated my negative feedback, I also clarified that I cared for him.
§Party: Food & Gezelligheid. I didn’t eat hell lots, I took 2 small portions and enjoyed it to the max. I had more joy, I was satisfied & thanks for the yummy food.

§Sharing: I shared my Outfit successes, I was proud what I did so far and I did it with joy.
§Fun: we had bitterballen as snack, no guilty pleasure and we should have fun too.
§Quinoa salad: I enjoyed this Quinoa salad as my late lunch, it was yummy.
§Opinion: I heard different opinions about diet, when this worked for me and I did it. I didn’t judge, didn’t interrupt and so be it. I said thank you.
§Love: I met one of the Outfitter in the PA, hugs 😉


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