Sharing Joy

~ Just A Thought ~
One of the best ways to become happier is simply to make others happier.When I make someone else happy I can sense, see, feel and hear it.  And that happy feeling flows back to me.

My Successes:

§PA weekend: I am excited & raise and shine and I went out early to assist.
§Love: My new friend picked me up from the station, he took good care of me & drove us safely to the Essence building. Thank you so much.
§Sharing: This success machine (aka me) scored again! I shared my successes with this lovely girl and she gave me her compliment.
§Care game: it was awesome to be in the process, I didn’t make fuss about the noise & I knew that someone wanted to kill me (with their eyes). Heck! I provided my service.
§Love my mistake & Support: The trainer corrected me, Thank you so much.

§Privilege: It was great to be in the training & followed the lecture. I was grateful.
§Support: I asked for support,my sweet baboo picked me up in the station.
§Love: I missed our Saturdate, I asked my sweet baboo out & had dinner in the city <he said yes>
§Joy: we had sushi for dinner, I loved it 😉
§Spontaneity: he wanted to watch a movie and it was fine for me.

§Out of my comfort zone: racism, barbaric, North & South History, bloody and  Quentin Tarantino. Those are absolutely NOT on my list as an entertainment and I watched some of it, missed most of the bloody parts! Ew ;S Yes I did.
§Out of my comfort zone: I saw this advert about Salsa lesson on FB, I signed up and gotta go to the info on Thursday! Woo Hoo.
§Sharing: I appreciated his sharing, I was the ear and I gave him my Sindy bear hug.
§Just do it: I was very tired after a long day, <breath in> <breath out>, I wrote my successes and shared it.
§Openness: my mommy dear opened up for me, I appreciated it, the past was the past and It’s all fine now. I love u mom ❤

My Outfit Successes:

§Joy:I did my new routine <woke up early & worked out> for joy! woo hoo 😉
§Energy: I got so much Energy, I was happy, sharp & I loved it.
§New knowledge: I cooked pancakes with banana & bacon. It was yummy & my great day started with my goodies.
§Support: I appreciated my sweet baboo’s  support, he concerned that we might throw the bacon away! well, I used it for pancakes & problem solved.
§Sharing: I shared my pancakes successes, huh! diet?  pancakes ? I should have fun in my diet & I loved the idea, DIET wasn’t a punishment!

§Care: I was in the PA, timing was important. When I was hungry & I ate one of my yummy pancake. It worked for me.
§Be Strong: I worried that I gotta starve myself. I realized that it was just noise in my head! Hell no, don’t be silly. <Bam!> I am Strong & not the noise.
§We didn’t go to this “all-you-can-eat” place. We shared a portion of sushi (7 different types), I got Tofu, he got seaweeds salad and we both had miso soup! YUMMY ❤ I was satisfied, I wasn’t stuffed and I enjoyed it more.
§Sharing: I shared my successes with my buddy, I appreciated his sharing.
§Fact & opinion: I didn’t let this noise to get me, I didn’t judge what his opinion was and I let it go.
§Goal: I hit my target of week 1. Woo Hoo! I was proud, happy and motivated.


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