Enjoy my present

~ Just A Thought ~
I’ve got to let go of what didn’t work out. Let go of the hurts and pain. Let go of my disappointments, my mistake. I can’t do anything about the past, but I can do something about right now. Enjoy the present, now!

My Outfit successes:

  1. Love my mistake: The true & my fact was that i was NOT on diet, OOps! my coach clarified this with me, I can eat anything I want! <Ha!> Thanks for correction. Clarification is the best!
  2. New knowledge: Almond Yofu with Cruseli as breakfast, it was yummy and I gotta get used to new stuff, esp Yogurt!
  3. Care: I had a massive muscle ache on my lower back (my weakest pain point), I took it easy during my exercise and it worked for me.
  4. Joy: I took my lunch special in  my special pink Hello Kitty lunch bag, my smile was bigger.
  5. Joy: I like my new living style <aka outfit>, I have fun & I have got energy and my focus was sky high again.
  6. New: A slice of lemon in my water, it tasted good & refreshing. Just something different and yummy.
  7. Sharing: I shared my quinoa lunch special with my lunch date, she liked it & asked for my recipe! Woo Hoo.
  8. My eyes were bigger than my belly! I ate half of my lunch special & I was satisfied.
  9. My greatness: I am an accurate person, I adjusted my cooking & cooked what I needed without “throwing” everything in 1 pan. No waste, we had enough & I didn’t gotta shop too much 😉
  10. Creative: In my fridge, I had only Entrecote & paprika, I missed potato to go with it! <Darnit> <Bing> I cooked rice, sliced Entrecote with paprika in tomato sauce. 😉

My General successes:

  1. Love your mistake: Oops! I missed something here, I gave my feedback, fixed it, reported it & done.
  2. CoE: I disliked “hear say” & other noise, I clarified this issue to them and I offered my support.
  3. My moment: After all these noises, I listened to my music & enjoyed my moment.
  4. Sharing: I shared my successes with my dear girl, she was happy for me & I appreciated it.
  5. CoE: I had many dislike today & he assumed many things about me <breath in> <breath out> I spoke up, clarified my intention and if he didn’t stop doing this, then he may fu*k off!
  6. Present: I have got the correct gift card, thank you so much!Shoping time <haha>
  7. ZEN: I enjoyed my silence here, my focus was high and tasks done in no time!
  8. Stay calm & It was only noise. <breath in> <breath out> They asked me why & only they knew why! I almost lost my cool again. Way too far (WTF)!
  9. Love & Fun: my dear Q always cracked me up & I learned a great F word from him. Thank you darling, Sindy bear hug was on your way.
  10. Get thing done: Laundry was done, 5 shirts ironed & they looked nice. I love shirts ❤

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