Happy Monday

~ Just A Thought ~



The catastrophe that has started to brew in your mind comes from my inner critic. Stop this inner critic quickly. In my mind, as soon as these thoughts pop up, shout:

“NO, NO, NO!”

My Successes:

  1. New target: Woo Hoo! I was back to track & happy me! I believe that sleeping burned some of my fat tissue 😀
  2. Successes: I love our awesome group’s successes, very inspiring, motivating and we do very good ❤
  3. Fit: After almost 9 km hiking yesterday, I was fine & no muscle ache and I felt fit & energetic!
  4. Compliment: It was my privilege to be in the training with my hubby buddy. I worked better with him, we shared successes, we supported each other! Awesome ❤
  5. Figure: My hanging love handle was less visible outside my pants, I looked better! Woo Hoo. one of my motivation & I did great.
  6. Special: I had a new lunch special (quinoa, broccoli, kidney beans, tofu, sun-dried tomato, olives, snow pea, anything I have in my fridge), it was yummy & I shared this with my lunch date.
  7. Condition: I didn’t feel “out of my breath” when I walked upstairs or long distance. Woo Hoo! Happy me.
  8. Discipline: I had a fixed schedule at work for tea break, lunch etc. At home I was too relax and didn’t take good care of myself (e.g. drank enough water, ate too much etc) I gotta adjust that too! SLCTA worked for me again.
  9. Diner to go: I had a small portion of sushi for dinner, I enjoyed it.
  10. Training:it was an amazing meeting, thank for so much beautiful people.
  11. Care: They took care of my iPhone <am on stand by for work>, I didn’t get distracted during the meeting.
  12. Care: my weight? or my sleep? I went to bed after my training, I skipped the evening exercise and YES! I broke 1 rule this time.  I was too tired to feel guilty.
  13. Ready: I was totally winter-freezing- proofed, I enjoyed my walk to the station!
  14. CoE: I had our briefing, it was all clear & I was the ear.
  15. LCC: my schedule was shifted to the morning, it worked for me and I liked our smiles.
  16. Support: He asked for my support, I suggested different solutions (some are optional!) and I clarified that I have done it once in the last 14 years, it was possible when I have the offical permission. <checked>
  17. Love: my dear friend cracked me up in the morning with his silly remark, my laugh belly muscle got some work out! Thank you darling.
  18. Fun: I shared my successes with my co-workers, I enjoyed my tea break with them. It was great to socialize a little < I usually focused on my work & forgot it>
  19. Compliment: She gave me her compliment, she liked my new hair style and thank you darling.
  20. The ear: I was the ear, she shared her event with me. no judgement, no remarks & just listened. She appreciated it.
  21. Planned action,done: Training evening, left my office earlier & gotta be on time in AMS.

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