Stay Calm & Relax

~ Just A Thought ~
Be still for a minute or two. Sit down if I can. Focus on just my in- and
out-breaths. Nothing else. This will calm my body down from the stress and it helps my mind to return to what is happening right now in this moment instead of being lost in future nightmares.

My Successes:

  1. Exercise: I was late home after the training, I skipped the exercise in the evening & I chose my bed. In the morning I did extra for my BBP.
  2. Target: I reached beyond my target WOW! I did it 😉
  3. Energy: I was physically tired and my energy was high. After the BBP, I was totally awake.
  4. Sharing: I shared my successes with my awesome group mates, it was lovely to hear from them & they shared their successes with me.
  5. Insight: I got lots of insights in the training last night. “Asking support” was a great lesson for me. Thank you so much for your care!
  6. Meeting: I shared my successes & it was awesome. I appreciated our inspiring outfitters and their successes were great! Thank you guys.
  7. Exercise: my energy went low after a short night rest, I had my lunch walk and got some fresh air.
  8. Step by step: I made this today, 9k steps (± 6km) today. My condition was better & “out of breath” was gone.
  9. Compliment: Our coach gave me her compliment, I did great & thanks for the big smile.
  10. Support: I asked my hubby buddy’s support,he asked me question: “did I drink enough water?”. It worked for us 😉 Thank you darling.
  11. Homework/correction: I ate small portion <checked> I took care of me.
  12. Creative: I warmed up the chilli con veggie left over, a bowl of salad and an egg.  It was our yummy dinner, just enough, no cramming & I was happier.
  13. Sharing: She asked about my training last night, I shared this with her yesterday. I shared my successes and she was happy for me. I liked our smiles.
  14. Support: I asked for support and I clarified this issue. The problem solved.
  15. CoE: I clarified this question with her, the cause was “outside” the system & I would like to see an example when it happened again.
  16. Workshop: it was an insightful workshop, I enjoyed it and I gave me feedback. They appreciated my remarks and we Go for it.
  17. Insight: When I share my successes, then I inspire others & I open up for feedback.
  18. Feedback: I gave her my feedback, she appreciated my suggestion & thank you so much.
  19. Support: I offered my support, it was very busy & we had fun to work together. Thanks girls  & they apprecaited it;)
  20. Care: I went home on time, it was a long day and I took it easy.

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