~ Just A Thought ~
I remind myself of the actual facts from the past to draw myself back to the
calmer and more centered version of myself.

My Successes:

  1. Happy: I did my nr. 2 this morning, it was fine & I did it. Yeah!
  2. Creative: I didn’t waste the tofu (expired today), last night I cooked them, kept them in the fridge and I bought them with me as breakfast. yummy!
  3. Inspiration: I got this cook book Everyday Super Food (Jamie O), got some new cooking inspirations. I watched it on 24 kitchen last week, very interesting.
  4. Support: My buddy hubby saw this little menu cards in AH, he suggested that we tried new things for dinner. <Bing!> Thanks darling.
  5. Care: I drank enough water (2.5 lit), ate small portions at lunch and I left the food in my lunch box easily when I had enough.
  6. Don’t care: they stared at me when I didn’t finish my lunch, I heard remarks & I clarified that I was full. I didn’t make the noise to get me.
  7. Movement: I sat a lot today (meeting, desk work & think work) and I got out one tram stop earlier & walked to my chiropractor.
  8. New knowledge: after a good night rest, my energy was high and I believed that food wasn’t the main source of energy! <in my old eating habit, I crammed me & it didn’t add extra energy in my system>
  9. Support: I asked for support, I appreciated their remarks & I liked our smiles.
  10. Support: It was busy & I offered my support. <Bam!> we worked peacefully, happier & efficient. I was a happy girl.
  11. Love: She shared her apple with me, it was her appreciation for my support. She gave me her compliment.
  12. Support: my boss asked for my support, we set our appointment to talk about this data. Game on!
  13. ZEN: I enjoyed the silence & it worked for me.
  14. Feedback: I gave my feedback to the reporter, they appreciated my support & I thanked them to report our mistakes.
  15. CoE: I gave him my feedback, I would like to speak to the reporter directly & treated this case ASAP <he may page me>. He appreciated my remark, thank you.
  16. Care: My chiropractor took good care of my back & me <craked> and hey! it was tough love and I felt much better after that.
  17. Compliment: I gave him my compliment & I love you!
  18. Love: my dear friend Q was a sweetheart, he sent me a lovely greets. Thanks darling.
  19. Care: I enjoyed my quality time at home, just a relaxing evening & loved it.
  20. Care: I sent my message to my dear friend, she was sick & I thought of her.

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