Be normal or Be abnormal

~ Just A Thought ~
I cannot even imagine where I am would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy, picked me up when I needed it, supported me when I felt I couldn’t stand. And gave me fresh perspective to face another day. Thank you. I love you. You know who I am.

My Successes:

§Left over : I took our dinner (noodles with beef & veggie in ketjap sauce)  left over for my lunch. I ate 2 small portions last night! it was yummy.
§Joy: I ate the tofu in my tea break, it was yummy as always. I wasn’t hungry in the morning.
§New: I had only apple & cherry tomatoes for lunch, I wasn’t hungry. It was enough for me.
§Joy: I had my lunch walk with my co-worker, it was cold & refreshing outside. We enjoyed it.
§Routine: I got my target today (9k steps, 6 km), I felt great, light & easy.
§Hormones: My hormones kicked in, I was moody and just wanna be alone. I didn’t crave anything at all.

§H2O: I drank 2.5 liters water today (7.00 – 17.00)
§Sharing: I shared my successes with my co-worker, she was interested in Outfit and I invited her to the info evening. She considered my offer.
§Small is beautiful:I cooked small portions & ate small portions! I liked it.
§Support: I had water bottles in my kitchen & on my diner table, this reminded me to drink enough water. My sweet baboo was my back up reminder.
§Sharing: I shared  my cherry tomatoes with my dear girl, she craved candies & I told her that cherry tomatoes were yummy too. I liked our smiles.

§Challenge: after our talk about the data, I figure out how I calculated 90 percentile! <ha> I checked my old statistic math book! happy me;) Refeshing my knowledge DB.
§Joy: Thanks for your request, I worked on it & it worked for me.
§Feedback: She gave me her feedback, it was clear for me & thanks.
§Feedback: She gave me her feedback, it was fixed, tested & done.
§CoE: I suggested this activity, I gotta check for information & Game on.
§Gratitude: I was grateful for her love and care. I was grateful to be loved. I was grateful to be here. I was grateful to be now/present.

§Love your mistake: Ooops! It wasn’t like this, corrected it, fixed it & done.
§CoE: I clarified this issue with her, it was the wrong order & I gotta report it.
§Planned action,done: Task #1 <done> Task #2 <done> and now analyze the data. It looked very good.
§ZEN: it was too much noise today, headphone was a best friend & I enjoyed the other noise (= music)
§Support: I asked for support, she clarified this with me & it was a wrong input. She appreciated my feedback.
§Support: I asked for support, he gotta help me out with this task & thanks.

§Fun: I had great fun with my colleagues, she cracked me up with her joke and I told her something funny too.
§Planned action,done: I was home on time and waited for my package.
§Love your mistake: Ooops! they came here too early, they were supposed to be here between 18.00 -21.00! Way Too Far … I sent them my feedback.
§Yoga: Yeah Yoga evening, I was ready for my ZEN time.


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