I am Special

~ Just A Thought ~
People always think that the most painful thing in life is losing the one I value. The truth is, the most painful thing is losing myself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that I am special too.

My Successes:

§New Challenge: I did my BBP in 2 minutes (instead of 1 min every exercise) and I felt great.
§New Time: I woke up at 9 am. I filled with energy to start my lovely day! <I used to sleep until midday) I gotta use my energy to be more active.
§Happy Present: Banana pancake without flour for our breakfast. It was yummy! < 2 mashed banana with 3 eggs, cooked like pancake and Voila! > Our happy meal.
§Action correction: I had my structured schedule for my day <water intake, lunch, dinner> at home in the weekend. Just like what I did during the week.
§Compliment: I appreciated their great compliment, Thank You beautiful.
§Insight: When I love me and I am willing to take my time to invest to me, then I can do whatever I want. My wanted results were amazing!

§KFC: we had chicken for lunch, no frites no soda and Hot wings was so good.
§Enough: after 3 hot wings & a chicken piece, I was satisfied & happy. I left 2 wings for later when I was hungry.
§H2O: I drank > 2.5 liters water today, yeah!
§Sharing: I shared my weight health app, it’s inspirring & motivating. Thanks for your compliment.
§New: I cooked this Lentil soup with pumpkin & cumin, it smells strong & it tasted good!
§Compliment: I gave him my compliment, he did great & I was happy for him too.

§Challenge: I set new challenge for myself today. Today: exercise 1 extra minute. Game on!
§Motivation: I was an energy bomb, I wanna do more, more active! I was ready for our Saturday.
§Saturdate: I enjoyed our city walk, it was lovely outside.
§Planned action,done: An appointment for my soft contact lenses & eyes check are set.
§Love your mistake: he left the parking ticket there, EVENT! Thanks for this kind lady, she found it.
§Noise: He made lots of noise lately, too many excuses & I was very tired of it. I spoke up & told him my point of view Enough is Enough.

§Love: I loved his support, he was the best & thanks darling.
§Love: I got his lovely text, thanks my dear.
§Love: I thought of my dear girl, I sent her my text & shared my awesome sucesses. I love her ❤
§Love: I thought of my awesome friend, we skyped & had some chit chat. Loving it.
§Same old: these people irritated me so much, their words & their actions didn’t make any sense to me anymore. I simply didn’t let their shit to get me and I wasn’t responsible to their business. Let it go, Let it go.
§Joy: I enjoyed cooking new yummy food, I was a happy girl.


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