Never Give Up

~ Just A Thought ~
The fact that I haven’t given up is success in itself. I wake up every day and get things done. I crawl inch by inch against the current because I refuse to give up. I refuse to listen to others when they tell me that I am not good enough. I am still in it. I am good and I believe in me.

My Successes:

§New: What a beautiful day,a new target is reached & Sixty-two here I come.
§Enough: Before Outfit, I always felt fat, stuffed, moody & craved for noodles, chocolate etc once a month (Yes, my period!). Now I am in this training, I felt only moody yesterday & I was fine! I told myself yesterday, stop being a cranky big baby <ENOUGH is ENOUGH> The dark cloud was gone above me. <smile>
§Sharing: My coach asked me question & I shared my successes with her. It was my pleasure, I was excited.
§Breakfast: I had 0.5 liters of fresh orange juice after my massage, I wasn’t hungry at all, some extra vitamin C was good for me.
§Routine: I walked in the city, got our grocery shopping and I walked 7.5k steps so far today! Keep on my routine.
§H2O: My action correction went well, 2.5 liters of water in my system now and it went well.
§Lunch: I ate our left over for lunch,  it was yummy & the chilli sauce was spicy & nom nom!
§Happiness: I got this awesome dress for the party, I loved my figure & I am beautiful.
§Love: I loved to share my successes with my hubby buddy. I loved to listened to his too & he did great! ❤ He motivated me lots.
§Dinner: baked the lamb & “rainbow” carrot <red, orange, yellow & purple carrot> So good!

§Raise & Shine: The sun shines on my day off & I was a happy girl.
§Care: I had an appointment for my relaxation massage & I loved it.
§Out of my comfort zone: I used to really hate massage < I was massively ticklish. After I listened to my chiropractor I gave it a try. Thanks him big time!> I loved massage now, I prepared myself in my mind before I lied there on the massage bench/table/bed/whatever! ReLaaaaaax ! I do this regularly.
§Compliment: I gave him my compliment, I appreciated his care for me and I loved my massage.
§Care: I took a cup of cold hot rex last night before I went to bed, I felt sick! ;( Some rest definitely helped.
§Get things done: I cleaned my messy desk, I loved my space & it worked for me.
§Get things done: I prepared for my busy weekend, goodie is wrapped, laundry is done and chill baby chill !
§Fun: I got a pretty dress & heels for the party and I was excited.
§CoE: My sweet baboo was late for dinner, I texted him & he was in the traffic jam! I waited for him & had dinner together.
§Compliment: I showed him my awesome dress, I asked for support & he gave me feedback! Awesome darling ❤


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