Party like animal

~ Just A Thought ~
Never expect a tomorrow, but be thankful when tomorrow comes. – Think about how many people die every minute of every day and I’ll begin to realize that waking up in the morning is a blessing. Getting another day to breathe, to experience life, and to do something meaningful is the greatest gift one can receive. Make today count!

My Successes:

  1. New: I prepared my new lunch special, Messicani (pasta from M&S), vegetarian chicken pieces, sundried tomatoes, green olives, chicken peas, garden peas, truffles tapenade & olive oil. It tasted great!
  2. Sunday delight: we had pancake with banana for breakfast, nom nom nom.
  3. Water intake went well, I had 2.5 liters and me happy.
  4. Lunch: we were in the city, I had this Hema sausage for lunch <without bread>, it was so good! Echt Hema 😉
  5. Party: I visited my birthday daddy, they were truly the greatest chef. We had loads of yummy food in front of us, I ate enough, I wasn’t a stuffed chick and I was a happy satisfied chick!
  6. Enough is Enough: I was so proud of me, I ate when I was hungry and I stopped when I had enough. Yes I can.
  7. Cake: No cakes for me, daddy! Happy birthday 😉
  8. Discourage: I shared my event with my hubby buddy, I disliked their discourage remarks <huh!?!> and hey! my result showed me that this training worked for me. I didn’t let this noise to get me!
  9. Clarification: it was easy for me to say ” NO, I was fine & I wasn’t hungry ” and they thought that No was a yes and offered me food 3 times, Can’t they hear what I said?
  10. Fun: It was fun to be in a party WITHOUT stuffing myself! no alcohol neither.
  11. Love: we had our quality time with my in-laws, with lots of hugs 😉
  12. Fun: we played Catan for an hour, it was our all time favorites <woo hoo>
  13. Sharing: my mom-in-law shared her event with me, I was the ear & it was awesome to to be there for her.
  14. Fun: we watched this 3D movie on our awsome 3D TV, it was so COOL & we had loads of fun and wauw.
  15. Event: When I had my Hema sausage for lunch, I passed the fish store Simonis, this lady screamed to us and what happened was that this naughty seagull gonna land on me & “kidnapped” my food. When I turned, I shocked this bloody bird & my sausage dropped on the group. <aaarrrgggh …> I enjoyed my half of the Hema sausage. Bloody bird, so rude!
  16. Support: I was very focus, I knew exactly what I wanted in the store <Bam!> We shopped in half an hour and got what we wanted.
  17. Joy: I chose some pretty shirts for my sweet baboo & he liked it. Thank you darling.
  18. Love: I shared Sindy bear hugs with my nephews, they made me smile big time.
  19. Love: I loved to meet my family & I enjoyed our quality time.
  20. Love: I enjoyed my quiet evening with my sweet baboo, just the two of us.

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