Beyond my feeling

~ Just  A Thought ~
I will not get caught up in what could’ve been or should’ve been. I will look at my power, my situation now and my possibility, right now.

My Successes:

  1. Joy: I woke up with energy, I was ready for my day.
  2. Happiness: Yeah! My weight was on the track again and this little number motivated me.
  3. H2O: Water intake went well, 2.5 liters water. Yeah!
  4. New: My breakfast Bio-alarm clock was on @ 9.00, Yes!
  5. New: My lunch Bio-alarm clock was on @ 12.00, oh! <Smile>
  6. Lunch walk: my lunch date wasn’t there, I ate half of my lunch and I walked alone. It was great too.
  7. Snack: I ate rest of my lunch when I felt hungry @15.30! Nom nom
  8. Planned action,done: I got 300g chicken with lemon coriander sauce & 200 g of yellow rice for dinner. I was late home!
  9. New: I ate this new dish & it was yummy and very spicy <more water intake>
  10. Compliment: I got nice feedback & compliment of my coach, it meant lots to me and Thank you so much!
  11. Joy: I went to work with my colleague < I met him almost everyday in the tram stop>, we had a great chit chat & we had fun.
  12. Care: I offered a clean tissue paper for this lady, she spoiled coffee on her coat & she gave me her compliment.
  13. Event: I asked a simple question & I got an angry remarks and “She thought that I bla bla bla” <huh?> I clarified this issue & I wasn’t responsible for her thought. I spoke up & let this issue go.
  14. Support: I asked for support & I ran out of solution for this issue and he appreciated my feedback. I let this issue go too.
  15. ANNA: Altijd Navragen Niet Aannemen! It worked for me big time and It cleared the air!
  16. Insight: When I dare to take this step, Then I ask for support & I look for cooperation, communication & care.
  17. Feeling: I care for our feeling, it was hard for me to see & report this and it was my job! I am a human too & I also feel pain, joy, excitement & annoyance.
  18. Support: He clarified this setting with me, I got clear input and thank you so much.
  19. Love: I treated myself a Beauty treatment The Luxe, yes I loved it.
  20. ZEN: I enjoyed my relaxing moment <Oh Yeah!>
  21. Support: I got their support for this issue, I appreciated it lots & my message is reached! Thank you so much!
  22. Care: he stood too close to the approaching tram<shocking>, I warned him & he appreciated my care! phew!
  23. Challenge: I wasn’t a “sewing” princess and I was very accurate <smile> I gotta shorten his new pants and it was all good.
  24. Event: After the measurment, I was all set and ready and I killed my iron! The whole house was in dark <aaarrrrggggh> Short circuit, darn!
  25. Support: My sweet baboo supported me, I felt pretty bad and I can’t iron the shirts. “It was Ok, sweetie” and I appreciated his support.
  26. Plan B: New iron, I will go to the proper taylor and let the pro to do their thing! Ironing shirts later!

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