~ Just A Thought ~
I have to accept whatever comes my way, and the only important thing is that I meet it with the best I have to give.

My Successes:

  1. Compliment: she gave me her compliment, she told me that I looked good in my skirt & she also saw the changes of my body shape. Thank you so much!
  2. Sharing: I shared my Outfit experience with her after her compliment, “no diet, no torure and mind-shifting is the key!” <she rolled her eyes!> and I also shared my successes.
  3. Good of me: I didn’t mind how she reacted, she gave me some negative feedback about diet etc etc. I didn’t judge & just said thank you!
  4. Lunch: I ate half of my lunch special, I was satisfied and my Bio-alarm clock was very accurate @ 12! Me like.
  5. Solution: I forgot to bring my water bottle <Sigh!> solution: I got a bottle of Spa blauw (0.75L) and H2O intake went well today. This bottle will stay in my office for now.
  6. Desk Potato: I didn’t walk much today & I had mostly desk work. <Ding!> I gotta walk in the city after work instead.
  7. New: The new target was there <Woo hoo>
  8. Hot Chocolate: I completed my missions on time after work, I treated myself a grande Hot chocolate without cream. I was hungry πŸ˜‰
  9. Exercise: yeah! I walked 9.5 k steps (ca 6.3 km) today. The other routine is completed! Happy me.
  10. Dinner: Rice with chicken in Cream sweet corn and I kept some for lunch tomorrow πŸ˜‰ It was yummy with a little chilly sauce <Hot!> No stuffed chick here, I was happier.
  11. Planned action,done: I got the data overnight, here we go & action!
  12. Compliment: I gave him my compliment & thanked for his support and his smile was huge! Two happy persons & I liked it.
  13. Support: I asked for support, she gotta send me her setting to me & thank you so much.
  14. Support: I asked for support, he suggested some brilliant tips & we gonna look at this new setting. Super duper dude!
  15. Sharing: I shared my event with my dear girl, she was my ear & thanks darling. <Grin>
  16. Insight: When I make mistake, then I SLCTA and I learned. When I never make any mistake, then I missed many beautiful things outside my comfort zone.
  17. Love: When I love myself, then it is Ok for me to make mistake. I used to hate mistake lots, I got upset, frustrated and very angry. Later I realized why I did such stupid things to myself. After the Essence/ Source trainings, I learned to love my dislikes, incl mistake. Woo Hoo! I am free.
  18. Success: “Enough is Enough” was a great tools, I felt free after this issue, I asked for support & I got support too! Cooperation, partnership & harmony are ALL-In-One. It was great!
  19. Compliment: I let my sweet baboo knew that I found a tailor in the city & I will pick up his new pants tomorrow. He gave me his compliment! Thanks darling.
  20. Date: I will have a date with my love tomorrow evening. Yeah ❀
  21. Support: She asked for my support, I went to their department & taught her how to use this system. She appreciated my support.
  22. Mission possible #1: I went to the tailor after work, the kind gentleman helped me out & it will be done tomorrow! Thank you so much.
  23. Mission possible #2: I got a new iron just before 18.00, I was a happy girl & exhausted < Pfff ..> Yes, I got it.
  24. Mission possible #3: I cooked our dinner on time, answered some mails & called the windows cleaner.
  25. Care: this windows cleaner came to our house, I gotta transfer the fee to them and he made a mistake on my bill and I told him. He thanked for my honesty. Hey! They worked very hard for the 9 euros.
  26. Fun: My dear Q cracked me up again! We had a hilarious chat. We were both crazy & funny. I love him lots!
  27. Mission possible #4: Shirts are ironed and I didn’t kill my iron ! YES YES.

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