New & Aha !

~ Just A Thought ~
Making mistakes is always better than faking perfections.

My Successes:

  1. With my value Care: I took care of me, I got enough night rest and I woke up fit & full of energy. I was the sun shine.
  2. With my value Commitment: I committed to me in the Outfit training, I exercised BBP twice a day & kept fit. My condition was improved, I became slimmer and my waist was thinner.
  3. With my value Care: I took good care of me, I got an allergic reaction from dust & sand. I cleaned my face with water after I walked pass the building site near my work.
  4. With my value Care: I was hungry @ 8.30, I ate a boiled egg & banana for my late-breakfast and I was satisfied & got some fuel for my body.
  5. With my value Commitment: I was hungry @ lunch time, I only ate half of lunch and I had enough. In this way, I stopped stuff myself like a turkey! I was satisfied and happy.
  6. With my value Determination: I had my desk work whole day and I  gotta  get my daily target (> 8 k steps). After work, I walked extra kilometers in the city (620 steps, ca 0.7 km) instead of took a tram. I got some extra movement.
  7. With my value Openness: I asked for some awesome tips, I opened up for new style of “Successes” and I started to write my successes differently! I let myself to grow, to learn and to the excellence!
  8. With my value Gratitude: I was pleased to have beautiful, inspiring people in my life. I was a lucky girl to be inspired by you. I love you, Nanneke ❤
  9. With my value Love: I gave my compliment to my dear Q, he cheered me up with his kind word and he was the best! I was grateful for our friendship.
  10. With my value Cooperation: I clarified this issue with their Unit chef, I dared to speak up what my experience was & I offered my support. In this way, I created cooperation, care and  quality of our professions.
  11. With my value Dare: I repeated myself with the same points very often today. I dared to step out of my comfort zone, kept cool and explained my feedback to her one more time. When the point was clear to us, I created peace & space in my mind and she was quiet and with a smile 😉
  12. By using communication style P and with my value of joy: I gave my feedback in a fun, light way and my message was received by her. She got what I meant & I didn’t gotta repeat it again.
  13. With my value Loyalty, I was loyal to me and I didn’t get upset when she spoke loud to me with her remarks. In this way, I realized that it wasn’t about me & it was just noise.
  14. With my value Excitement: I loved new things, like this new style successes. I was too excited to write & share them and I realized that it worked better & more inspiring. I like it a lot! 😉
  15. With my value Joy: I enjoyed my tea break with my co-workers, I shared my funny traveling experince with him.  We had a good laugh & he shared his with me. I realized that I learned the casual side of that person. We had fun.
  16. With my value love: I plannedour date, we went outfor dinner and we had a great time. We loved sushi ❤ Clarification of Expectation is very important in our relationship, we got what we wanted.

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