Effort Never Dies (END)

~ Just A Thought ~
Smile because I learned from it and gained the strength to rise above it. In the end, it’s not what I have been through that defines who I am; it’s how I got through it that has made me the person I am today, and the person are capable of being tomorrow.

My Successes:

§With my value of care, I skipped my exercise in the morning for the first time, I was sick, I slept extra for a change and I took it easy.
§With my value of care, I drank extra water, got my water bottle next to my bed and I made sure that I got enough fluid in my system.
§With my value of care & love, I went grocery shopping with my sweet baboo, I got my shopping list and on our way he gave me some awesome yummy ideas about our meals. Thank you so much.
§With my value of passion, I cooked this new dish “Curry with chicken & ,munt (almond) yoghurt.”  I adjusted this recipe a little, it was like a new experiment for me and I had fun to cook this new dish.
§With my value of joy, I fell in love with this light blue skirt, I went to the store & I asked for size 38 (EU). I was surprised that it was too big for me & this lovely lady will order a size 36 for me! Woo Hoo 😀

§With my value of commitment, I wasn’t hungry during lunch, I got a cup of chocolate with hazelnuts in the restaurant. It was yummy and I enjoyed our Saturdate.
§With my value of love & partnership, I shared my successes with my buddy hubby, we had this great conversation and I got this insight. Thanks hunny.
§With my value of inspiration, I am the “Source”. I create my action and my successes. I am grateful to be here & now.
§With my value of love, I enjoyed my quality time with my sweet baboo and we watched our fav programs together & laughed together.
§With my value of love, I got his lovely whatsapp message, he asked for my health & I appreciated his care and love. Thank you darling.

§With my value of joy, I prepared my lunch special for my new week and I got my ingredients. (Quinoa mix, asperge tips, tofu, garden peas and sundried tomato)
§with my value of care, I also prepared my dinner for Monday, I didn’t wanna hurry and stressed out before I went to Kindalini Yoga.  I also clarified this with my sweet baoo.
§With my value of love, I asked myself this question “How am I be better today?” My answer is: I take good care of me, then I can take good care of others.


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