I can’t buy sickness in stores neither

~ Just A Thought ~
Love myself and to learn from everything that comes my way. BELIEVE I can handle anything no matter what life throws at me today…Yes I can.

My Successes:

§With my value of care, I used this descaling agent to remove limescale in our Nespresso machine. It was an easy peasy piece of work, the machine worked happier for me & I am happy to enjoy my cup of lungo.
§With my value of care & partnership, I called my hubby buddy upstairs after I passed out on the floor in our kitchen I was unwell and I asked for support.
§With my value of clarification, I spoke up & clarified what my homework was and I did what I did. I recognized her CS. It wasn’t about me and I let it go.
§With my value of love, support & partnership, I asked my sweet baboo’s support, he took good care of me, prepared yummy breakfast for me and I appreciated his love.
§With my value of self-love, I took it easy and I took extra rest when my head hurt me. I am just a human, I don’t need to be a superwoman 24/7. It’s fine to let someone else taking care of ME 😉

§With my value of care, I asked my sweet baboo’s support, he gotta take care of our dinner. It’s Sunday, we were easy and I was grateful to have the best hubby buddy, friend and the love of my life ❤
§With my value of care, I did the laundry, I gotta move slowly & get some movement. The machine did the job for me and I had clean clothes for next week.
§With my value of love, I got many heart-warming text & messages from my dear friends. I was loved and I shared my event with everyone.
§With my value clarification, he mentioned that “A diet can also make it easier to be sick ” <huh!> again, I am/was not in a DIET, this training wasn’t only about diet and I got so much more than only loss weight. Anyway, I stopped explaining & I let it go. Oh … I thanked for the germ carriers who sneeze & cough freely and I got their gifts too. I accepted that I am sick, I thank for everyone’s care ❤
§With my value of joy, I felt better after my afternoon beauty nap and I felt hungry <YEAH! that’s the sign of a healthy system, I can’t eat when I was sick!>. I had my chicken soup, then some chicken & french frites and I was a happy girl again.

The question of my day: “How am I be better today?” My answer: I ask for support, I let others to take care of me and I create peace for me, then I create trust and love with others. I don’t need to do everything on my own!


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