Gratitude, Thanks for there for me

~ Just A Thought ~
Laugh when I can, apologize when I should, and let go of what I can’t change. Kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances and have no regrets. Life’s too short to be anything but happy.

My Successes:

  1. With my value of acceptance, my weight bounced back and forth and I accepted what it was for now. My major focus NOW was my health, I listened to my body and I realized my health came first & I will catch this up later.
  2. With my value of joy, I enjoyed my morning walk to the station, it was cold, quiet, pleasant and it was great to start my day.
  3. With my value of Self-Love, I listened to my body, I accepted what it was and I didn’t make fuss about what I can’t control.
  4. With my value of partnership, he asked for my support and I gave my advice. He invited me to be in the meeting. I liked our cooperation.
  5. With my value of care & leadership, I clarified this issue and I have mentioned this before. I was responsible for my action, I let things go when I can’t change and so be it.
  6. With my value of loyalty, I asked for support, he joked about it and he didn’t take my request seriously. I spoke up that I didn’t like his reaction. It must be me of course!
  7. With my value of love, my dear girl supported me when I was upset and I appreciated her love & care. Thank you so much! She gave me her compliment.
  8. With my value of love, I got my yummy cabbage pancakes (left over) for lunch with me, I shared this with my dear lunch date and she loved it. She asked for the recipe. I shared it with her.
  9. With my value of leadership, I showed my vulnerability, I appreciated her care and I gave her my Sindy Bear hugs. I was happy that someone was there for me.
  10. With my value of commitment, I offered my support and I walked with this lovely lady to the poli. This way, I walked extra steps and I gotta move my ass.
  11. With my value of care & partnership, she asked for my support, I fixed this issue. Two happy girls and a working machine <Yeah>
  12. With my value of focus, I checked all the machines after this sudden event. I offered my support, I stayed light and I was there for them when they needed me. This way, I created our trust, cooperation and partnership.
  13. With my value of joy, I shared my event with my dear girl, she was the ear and I threw this out of my chest. Later on she cracked me up with her silly joke and we laughed our asses off. Thank you darling.
  14. With my value of partnership & cooperation, I asked for direct contact with them and this way I got first hand information. I appreciated  his support and I liked our cooperation.
  15. With my value of clarity and cooperation, I listened her side of problem, I clarified what the issue was and I asked for her support. I got her support and I went on further with my challenge.
  16. With my value of clarity, I recognized her CS (A!), with endless details, I asked once again about what I have seen in the log files and I didn’t get any answers and she claimed that it was “our mistake” <huh!>
  17. With my value of clarity and cooperation, I talked to the same person <Bingo! lucky me>, I clarified that finger pointing leaded us to nowhere and I asked for support. I got his support and it was awesome.
  18. With my value of joy, I asked why he called me directly to my number and <Aha!> I used to report this issue often and my name was in their database, therefore he contacted me. We had a great laugh when he explained to me. <Yeah!> I made one more work friend and I appreciated his support. I realized that my Sherlock ability was known inside & outside the house.
  19. With my value of lightness, I left my work later than usual, issues are solved and I let it all go! It was a long day and enough is enough.
  20. With my value of love, I got his support & care and I gave him my compliment and thank you sweetie.
  21. With my value of joy, I cooked our dinner with interesting ingredients: Tja Siel, Eryngii ( the king oyster mushroom) and noodles. It tasted wonderful & I liked to try new things.
  22. With my value of love, we ate enough for our dinner, we packed the left over for our lunch and we shared them. Sharing is caring.

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