We Are All Superhero

~ Just A Thought ~
The real thing that keeps me down is fear. The reason my fears have so much power over me is simply because I give them this power by thinking about them – the worst-case scenario, what I don’t want to happen, etc. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to clear my fears from my thoughts. It’s time to acknowledge that my fear of grief is far worse than the grief my fear.

My Successes:

  1. With my value of joy, I had an appointment for my relaxation massage in the city. I loved massage, I invested time for me and I enjoyed this little big thing on my day off.
  2. With my value of determination, I wasn’t hungry when I left home, I skipped my breakfast and I bought a bottle of water with me!
  3. With my value of partnership, the store owner gave me feedback about the musk I bought last time. The clue was that he asked for support too <he informed the product supplier & asked the usage of this bag in container product>. Aha! when he pressed this pump gently, then the musk came out of the container. <Woo Hoo!> We learned something new everyday, Win-Win.
  4. With my value of gentleness, “force” didn’t work in many situation. Gentleness and Softness are not weakness and they are strength too. To be soft and gentle to myself,  this way I dare to be vulnerable, be gentle, be soft to others too. Sharing my Sindy bear hugs are kind of gentleness to others too ❤
  5. With my value of love & joy, I enjoyed my massage and I opened up for this lovely masseur. She took good care of me and I was on cloud nine.
  6. With my value of excitement, I went to lunch in this new sushi place <Sushi Time in Babylon> click and check!It wasn’t new for me because I saw this in NYC & London too.  I had this yummy spinach salad with sesame dressing, mini sushi and this rice roll with mint and avocado. I enjoyed, loved it and my belly said YES too. Happy joy joy !
  7. With my value of joy, I picked up my new skirt (EU size 36!), it fit perfectly and I looked beautiful in it. My smile was bigger and this lovely lady gave me her compliment. I appreciated their service and I was a happy girl.
  8. With my value of dare, I saw this dress for long time, I tried size 36 on and I fit in it too. Well, it was for the summer <too cold for now> and I got the other piece of size 36 clothes in my closet. Oh, it was on sale and I went for it < Yeah!>
  9. With my value of love, I was hungry again after my active shopping mode and I went to our favorite restaurant for a cup of hot chocolate. The waitress asked me where my sweet baboo was. Hey! It was the One-Girl-Day-Out and we will be there for our Saturdate. <Grin>
  10. With my value of care, I called this lady by her name, she stared at this stranger (me!) and I told her that her name tag was still on her chest. She smiled and thanked me. I told her that I did the same after my training and everyone knew my name on the street.
  11. With my value of excitement, I cooked this veggie soup with cannellini beans and bacon. Ingredients: veggie broth, mixed veggie (anything in your fridge, or package of soup veggie), cannellini beans, spelt, bacon (or shrimps, chicken filet) and pesto. It was easy, yummy and I loved cooking.
  12. With my value of Love & inspiration, I gave my feedback to our awesome Outfit group, I was grateful for sharing my love, I was grateful for sharing my tips with them, I was grateful for being me and I was loved by you.
  13. With my value of Love, I let my hubby buddy to know that I loved his successes. I was super happy for him & for his successes and he shared this wonderful Outfit journey with me. I was loved by you & I love him lots.
  14. With my value of inspiration, partnership & love, I shared my lessonwith everyone in our Outfit training. I opened up, I shared my mistakes/events, I shared my insight, I shared my gratitude. In this way, people shared their successes with us too! Thank you so much, beautiful people!
  15. With my value of Self-loyalty, It was a day off and I didn’t check my work mails <even though I can read them in my iPhone!>. I determined to enjoy my day off, It was MY day.
  16. With my value of Freedom, I enjoyed my day, the whole day is for me and I didn’t pay too much attention to my watch or any clock. When I was ready then I went home. No hurry & No worry.
  17. With my value of love, I gave my sweet baboo my compliment before he went to work. He was happy and his laugh made me happy too.
  18. With my value of joy, I went to Yoga body & mind, I enjoyed it, got some stretch and the theme of the evening was Flexibility! <Yeah> I was more flexible after this.
  19. With my value of togetherness, we had a short session of yoga lesson. Later we had a cup of tea, sat together and got to know each other. It was great to chat with the ladies! It was an awesome evening.
  20. With my value of love, I gave my sweet baboo my bear hug and I went to back soon. I had a smashing day & I loved MY day ❤

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