Just The Way You are

~ Just A Thought ~
To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made me laugh, made me cry, and helped me learn and grow. It’s the acceptance of everything I have, everything I once had, and the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s all about finding the strength to embrace life’s changes, to trust my intuition, to learn as I go, to realize that every experience has value, and to continue taking positive steps forward.

My Successes:

  1. With my value of love, I started my day to prepare my exciting Sunday. Planning makes perfect! It created clarity, joy and fun.
  2. With my value of commitment, I ate when I was hungry. I enjoyed the Cabbage pancake leftover and it was yummy the day after.
  3. With my value of clarity,  I got the measurement <meten is weten> and I made sure that I gotta get what I wanted.
  4. With my value of care & pride, I was really proud of my new organized storage room. It looked amazing and I was a happy girl.
  5. With my value of care, I prepared our dinner for tomorrow. This way, I won’t gotta hurry after work, my meal was now ready and again planning makes perfect.
  6. With my value of joy, I would like some hot wings in KFC <Oh Yeah!> What I wanted was 4 pieces of hot wings, they had standard 6 pieces! Later I realized that it was a “great deal 2 pcs” action <Woo Hoo> It was a great deal for me and it was just perfect.
  7. With my value of creativity & love, I prepared my yummy lunch for my new week. With some creativity, my ingredients: quinoa, green asparagus tips, beetroot, vegetarian chicken pieces, sun dried tomatoes, olives and king oyster mushroom. I invested love to me, I invested my time to have fun and I loved cooking.
  8. With my value of love & partnership, I asked for my sweet baboo’s support, he supported me and I appreciated his care.
  9. With my value of love, I didn’t get piss off when he rejected my idea. I recognized this, then few questions popped in my head
    1) Who was in controle? ME, not this BS.
    2) Who made this BS so important? ME, not this BS.
    3) Is it fact or opinion? Opinion. I cooled off and moved on! <Bam>
  10. With my value of joy & creativity, I made this pretty pocket for my menus, I called it “Outfit awesome”. These are new dishes I have cooked in my Outfit journey, I liked my creation and I can use it for later AND with my new ideas with them.
  11. With my value of care, I had a long day standing in the kitchen, feet up and wrote my successes! I invested my time for something I love to do.
  12. With my value of joy & partnership, we wanna have our Easter getaway, London was our first idea. Later on I suggested Edinburgh < I have been there before with friends!> and now I will go there with my sweet baboo. he loved the idea.
  13. With my value of joy & love, I booked the trip to EDI and I am excited.
  14. With my value of care, I took good care of me, I took one histamine pill before I went to bed and my allergy was unpleasant. At least I had some peaceful sleep with out itchiness.
  15. With my value of awareness, I had this feeling that something was wrong there. This guy in the store talked to his friend. Well, I would like some attention when I stood there as his customer. When my sweet baboo passed that detector, the alarm was activated <Aha!> he stared at us & I told him that he forgot to deactivate our magazines. He apologized.

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