My positive step

~ Just A thought ~
I can decide right now that negative experiences from my past will not predict my future. Figure out what the next positive step is, no matter how small or difficult, and take it. Ultimately, the only thing I can ever really do is to keep moving forward. There’s no point in denying that things are different now, or being fearful of the next step. Life only moves in one direction – forward.

My Successes:

  1. With my value of care, I walked with my sweet baboo to the hairdresser, it was cold & sunny morning. It was lovely.
  2. With my value of clarity, I checked out our June Holiday (Amsterdam-Hong Kong-Tokyo-Bali-Amsterdam) online and I gotta book it soon. <Yes!>
  3. With my value of love, I had our double Saturdate with my parents and my in-laws, it was an awesome day & I enjoyed it. Thank you for your love ❤
  4. With my value of joy, I had my SPA day <yeah!>
  5. With my value of care, I dropped one of my gloves and this lovely lady told me so. I appreciated her care for me, I thanked her & gave her my smile. Two lovely smiley girls ❤
  6. With my value of joy, I had this yummy lunch (thin slices of calf meat with salad and tuna dressing) and it was great! It was a small entree and it worked for me.
  7. With my value of love, I gave my in laws my Sindy bear hugs, I missed them already and I enjoyed their company & loved our Catan board game.
  8. With my value of care & joy, I had a very ZEN day and I was a happy girl.
  9. With my value of clarity, I let our Outfit group kown that I gonna post my Successes a day after, this way I didn’t gotta hurry or worry about my commitment. I enjoyed my day to the max!
  10. With my value of joy, I had this lovely English breakfast & I loved it. I didn’t stuff myself & I enjoyed it.
  11. With my value of inspiration, I shared my Outfit experience & successes with 3 strangers and they were excited about what I did & my result! I shared the Outfit links with them, they determined what they gotta do.
  12. With my value of joy, my morning weight was Sixty point eight! <Woo Hoo>
  13. With my value of joy & love, I shared my holiday planning with my sweet baboo and we liked my idea! I went for this & I am now excited about our awesome trips in Asia.
  14. With my value of love & fun, I gotta hang out with my sweet baoo & we gotta enjoy a movie in the city.
  15. With my value of commitment, Joy & love, I loved my figure, Iwas a happy girl & I got many compliments. I am sexy and I know it ❤

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