Be Me

~Just Saying~
When other people treat me poorly, Keep being me. Don’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change the person I am.

My Successes:

  1. With my value of care & clarity, I woke up early on my day off, I started to read my work mail and I gotta finish something. I won’t work anymore, I determined to do it, this way I killed my time and I cleared my head.
  2. With my value of care & partnership, I replied some mails, finished some tasks and I was ready for my wellness day!
  3. With my value of love, I had an appointment for my massage, I am excited to be there & relax.
  4. With my value of love, care & gratitude, she took good care of me, I opened up for her love and I was on the cloud nr 9. It was so good!
  5. With my value of joy, I was hungry after that awesome massage, I had lunch in Sushi time and it was yummy! I was a happy girl and I tried something new.
  6. With my value of authenticity, I had this tattoo idea in my head, I wanna celebrate the next phase of my life after Outfit <Bam!> Just do it!
  7. With my value of joy & spontaneity, I went to this tattoo shop, I gave my input and an appointment was set. <Woo Hoo!>
  8. With my value of joy & love, I earned some extra money by selling my good ol bigger clothes on Marktplaats. I have got 1 new shirt size 36 and 1 new silk blouse size XS <What!> I was surprised, happy & proud! ❤
  9. With my value of love, my sweet baboo worked at home, it was cool to be home with my love and we had some chat chit. He shared his event with me.
  10. With my value of love & partnership, I offered my support, we gotta do it together and he appreciated my support!
  11. With my value of love & care, I asked for his progress of weight loss and he fell back to his CPs. I shared my CPs with him when I was in my negative deep valley and I encouraged him to look at his outfit tools and wrote successes! Yes, you can do it darling!
  12. With my value of clarity & care, I let my Yoga teacher know that I gotta stop body & mind yoga since my back didn’t like the last exercise. However, I would like to do Pilates and I clarified this to her.  I appreciated her support.
  13. With my value of care, love & joy,  I supported my sweet baboo when he wanted to bring some salad for his lunch. I suggested some ideas and he appreciated them. Thanks sweetie!
  14. With my value of gratitude & love, I was loved, I was grateful, I was proud and I was happy that we did outfit together as a team. We supported each other, we shared our common interests and we shared our passion of good healthy life style.
  15. With my value of joy, I watched 24 kitchen, one of my fav channels, I got some inspiration and I love cooking! ❤
  16. With my value of care, my energy was high, my drive was huge, my ideas keep flowing in and I had some awesome ideas for my coming projects & planning! <Woo Hoo>
  17. With my value of love & inspiration, I loved her great success & inspiration “When I am in my power, then I don’t need people to like me” <Bam!> Thank you so much Nanneke! I love you x
  18. With my value of love, my dear Q appreciated my Escher postcard, he thanked me and I love you sweetie!
  19. With my value of love, I shared MY tattoo with Q & my sweet baboo, then I shared it to the world (on FB!). They are my dears and they deserve to know first !
  20. With my value of love, we hanged out in the city, I enjoyed our KFC treat as dessert and we had fun & lots of laugh!

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