The Possibilities are Endless

Rejections and naysayers aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things; so don’t let them conquer my mind. Step forward! Seriously, they do not understand how much potential I have – I limit my aspirations to the level someone else told me was possible.

Don’t do this to myself! Right now is a new beginning. The possibilities ahead are endless. Be strong enough to let go, wise enough to move forward, diligent enough to work hard, and patient enough to wait for what I deserve.

My Successes:

  1. With my value of love, I love my day when I wake up. I love my morning yummy snack & a cup of my fav coffee and I love life.
  2. With my value of joy, After some partying, I stayed in and I was home.
  3. With my value of love, I enjoyed our quality time with my sweet baboo, he opened up for me and I was grateful.
  4. With my value of pride & love, my sweet baboo did awesome, he wanted to go shopping for his new smaller clothes, he loved to share his joy with me  and he did great in outfit. I love him lots.
  5. With my value of empowerment, he shared his successes with me, I suggested some of my opinions and there are more options & opportunities out there and he was excited. <Woo Hoo!> You can do it, baby!
  6. With my value of power, I was the same person to him, I was the same new person to me. I used my power to inspire others and I loved to see their smiles. That’s my super power <Heee Haa>
  7. With my value of joy, I wanted a scone with strawberry jam & a glass of smoothie, then I went for it and enjoyed it.
  8. With my value of dare, I gave my feedback to the waiter, it was his mistake and he corrected it. Thank you darling.
  9. With my value of care, I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support, we went to grocery shopping and thanks for his feedback. Home-made pizza, baby.
  10. With my value of ZEN, I enjoyed my quiet evening, I watched our fav TV show and it was all good for my homey day.

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