No Stress and No sweat

<Just Saying>

Hard werken voor iets dat ons niet interesseert, noemen we STRESS. Hard werken voor iets dat ons wel interesseert, noemen we PASSIE.

<Why My Successes?>

I lost my cool twice today. Once when I was solving this bugging problem from this machine, this machine guy told me that this issue can be solved easily, while she pressed SOS button too soon without informing me. Other time, while this happened again within an hour; I was in the wrong moment, this girl screamed to me and I was accused that I made up this rule while I offered my support and this remark pushed me to the edge of angry valley. This kind of remark made my blood boil, I was a rational and conscious adult, I didn’t even entertain with this opinion. <Heck> I could be ZEN on my Yoga mat, But can I keep my cool when someone talked shit to me like this? What is it that I was getting bent out of shape about? I took 5 deep breaths. Was it really worth it?

I didn’t say sorry, I performed my duty and to the person who misunderstand, misjudge, misconstrue, insult and provoke, I let it go.

In the old me, I would flip & swear in no time and I didn’t let this shit to get me. Anger didn’t solve anything and it caused damage and regret.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of clarity, I made an appointment for this, he was absent and I just had my chat chit with my co-worker. I will arrange this later on.
  2. With my value of clarity, I asked where he was and no one knew. I clarified this with her and she gotta figure this out. Thanks for your support, sweetie.
  3. With my value of focus, I have a long “To finish list” and I have got some more. My energy was high and it was done in no time.
  4. With my value of care & partnership, I offered my support and I gave her my compliment. I appreciated their support.
  5. With my value of joy, I had a great chat with my dear girl, she was awesome and we had a good laugh.
  6. With my value of focus, I was on fire, I had a clue how to run this and I was a happy girl.
  7. With my value of joy, my dear Q cracked me up with his joke, thanks for brighten up my day, darling and you are the best!
  8. With my value of dare & strength, I did my dislike and in this conversation he was discouraging & demotivating. I let this negativity pass me.
  9. With my value of clarity, what I don’t know and I will ask. Assumption bugged me and I did what I did. Yes, CS-C here!
  10. With my value of commitment, I ate when I was hungry, I had enough & I stopped. It worked great for me. I had some yummy left over for my lunch tomorrow. I loved it.

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